The “King Of Instagram” Now Wants To Be President

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Posted 2 years ago


zXycT5FLIn what could be a first in the presidential general election, one man is using his social media clout to seek the highest office in the land.

Dan Bilzerian, the self-styled “King Of Instagram” has seen his fair share of attention online on the social media platform of Instagram thanks to his millions of followers.

He’s also a millionaire who constantly brags about his riches and describes himself as a “sexual philanthropist”.

So Bilzerian has decided that he will run for President.

First order of business will be a massive party at the exclusive nightclub Marquee on June 24th.

Admission to the party begins at $40.

The thing is, Bilzerian doesn’t have that much in the way of strong support.

And of course, there are the incidents of violence he has allegedly inflicted upon others.

One of them involved his throwing a nude porn actress off of a roof.

Another situation saw Bilzerian barred from Snapchat after posting an extremely NSFW photograph.

The campaign has already begun, with t-shirts and tank top available for purchase.

It remains to be see if Bilzerian can command attention like he does on Instagram from his followers.

Christopher A. Smith


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