The New York Times Misses The Mark On Responsive Design

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Posted 4 years ago


The New York Times Misses The Mark On Responsive DesignResponsive design is the whole idea behind having an app made successfully by developers that works ably on almost any device and just about every screen size. The New York Times has missed the mark by having a worldwide web app called The “Today’s Paper” Web app that can’t be supported by Opera or Firefox on tablets. Nor can it be supported on Android devices not using Chrome. For those using the Silk browser on their Kindle fire; they won’t be able to use the NY Times app, either.

Microsoft, Google, and Apple’s three main browsers does support this non-universal application.

The New York Times have always been known for their keen intellect. Too bad they’ve missed the point of being easily accessible to digital readers of the newspaper.

Rich Casale


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