The Rockstar Consortium Doing A Lot Of Suing

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Posted 4 years ago


The Rockstar Consortium Doing A Lot Of SuingHTC, Samsung and Google and other companies are being sued by a group of tech giants who go by the name of the Rockstar Consortium. All the suing is over alleged mobile phone patent infringements being leveled.

Manufacturers that have been targeted all have one thing in common: They run the rival Google Android operating system.

Apple, Microsoft, Ericsson, Sony and BlackBerry, together own Rockstar. An apt name it is when one considers the amount of money spent by Rockstar in buying thousands of Nortel patents in the wake of the telecoms giant going bankrupt in the year 2009: $4.5 billion dollars / (2.8 billion pounds sterling).

The claim that Google has infringed seven patents via how internet search terms and relevant advertising happen to match up, is what the Rockstar lawsuit is alleging.

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