The Smartphone “Kill Switch” May Just Become Universal, If California Bill Passes

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Posted 4 years ago


The Smartphone "Kill Switch" May Just Become Universal, If California Bill PassesIn 2013, New York and San Francisco had pushed for a “kill switch” thereby making a cellphone dormant after being stolen. This  push may just come to shove as California State Senator, a democrat, Mark Leno is to introduce legislation that would make the “kill switch” mandatory for all smartphones sold in the state of California.

Phones sold in California after Jan 1st  2015, as the bill’s bell tolls, will have to carry the anti-theft switch. Companies that won’t comply will face a fine of $2,500 per each device sold without it.

If this legislation passes we could expect smartphone makers, all over to follow suit. Cellphone makers wouldn’t be likely to make their phones only for California, a certain way and not everywhere else, rather.

Rich Casale


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