The St. Louis Cardinals May Have Hacked The Houston Astros

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Posted 2 years ago


iBeacon Hits A Home Run With Major League BaseballFor the St. Louis Cardinals, a recent investigation of their organization could spell bad news at the ballpark.

According to law enforcement officials, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is in the midst of investigating officials from the Cardinals’ front office after finding evidence that they had hacked into a proprietary network of their division rival, the Houston Astros.

The network contained sensitive files including statistics and internal discussions regarding player trades and call-ups.

The investigation has apparently been underway since last year. F.B.I. officials declined to comment, and both teams issued statements expressing that they were in full cooperation with law enforcement officials on the matter.

At the core of the investigation is current Astros G.M. and former Cardinals G.M. Jeff Luhnow. Luhnow had previously built a proprietary network to collect data for the club’s use while he was in St. Louis, which aided in the club winning World Series titles in 2006 and 2011.

He left to be the general manager of the Astros in December 2011.

Luhnow first noticed odd activity on the servers in 2014, prompting the F.B.I. involvement.

Investigators have theorized that the data breach could be the work of Cardinals employees who were out to damage Luhnow’s position and the Astros’ chances of success, gaining access to Houston’s Ground Control network by using a master list of passwords he had used in while in St. Louis.

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