The Story Of Ex- Biz Partner Comcast Is Behind Verizon’s Intel Acquisition

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Posted 4 years ago


The Story Of Ex- Biz Partner Comcast Is Behind Verizon's Intel AcquisitionVerizon and Comcast were onto something top-secret together. The project was the production and marketing, eventually, of the piece of hardware called Nuon. By bringing pay TV, broadband, and mobile, all tied together as one — the viable alternate, ultimate option — to what was available with online video; the Nuon capable of going head-to-head with Apple TV and Roku, by beaming their video from their apps to the television: It was a masterplan most akin to a Chromecast for the big screen in the living room/bedroom. The grand plan of — are you ready for this — “Everywhere content”. Getting television/video everywhere. The Nuon was to be brought to fruition by Huawei and was secretly known as the “Roku killer”. Like the cartoon characters you and your children may love, “Pinky and The Brain” are heard to say on the tube — first Pinky asking: “What are we going to do today Brain?” Brain: “Try to take over the world.” And like the funny anti-heroes, they are, the smart and the sensitive not-so-smart one would lose their latest bid to take over the world in yet another failed, but oh-so-much-fun-and-adventurous episode.

So with the mystery explained a bit, here’s the news:

First, some little known fact: Verizon has only 5 million television customers. The company has 35 million customers who are signed on with a phone contract. Verizon FIOS’s service has just about bitten off more than it can chew, it could be said, and with their needs being great they have reached out to traditional cable operators for help. That is where the story that I gave the ending to above actually started. With possibly the single largest contingent of a Research and Development team, Comcast became the cable company to partner with Verizon. Their baby, it could be deduced, becoming the Nuon (Science Fiction becoming Science Fact as a brainy fellow I can’t recall his name right now was famous in saying).

There were some good things like promotional initiatives that were hatched by the Verizon/Comcast connect.

So pundits are asking the question of just what the Intel Media acquisition is to mean? Will FIOS TV endeavor to get better at everything they do? Or, (I guess we know the answer already, dear reader) does Verizon want to do something more with the deal in place?

Breaking loose from the shackles that bind them of the FIOS imprint, marketing the TV service everywhere, as an internet-delivered pay TV platform (is where this deal is possibly headed). Verizon Wireless have a foothold in the business now like never before, to bundle mobile with TV to hatch double and triple play deals. That option would, with all going as Verizon/Intel would plan, directly cast a pall on Comcast. Then there is a possibility that Verizon and Intel may make something of Intel Media’s OnCue service, selling set-top boxes in stores and online and hence signing up the customers who will line up at the queue to join.

Sounds like a plan, right?

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