The Taploid – Turning Your Social Feeds Into Gossip

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Posted 5 years ago

We all love gossip, that’s why sites such as TMZ and TV networks like E! are so popular. Most of the gossip in our everyday lives comes from our friends, who seem to be getting married, breaking up and doing something embarrassing at work on a daily basis. The problem with friends and social media is the fact that the gossip is spread far and wide, making it virtually impossible for you to keep up with the latest happenings. While one friend is posting drunken videos on Google+, another is spreading rumors on Twitter – there are simply not enough hours in the day to keep abreast of gossip. That may all be about to change though thanks to a new web (and soon to be mobile) app called, The Taploid.

Launched yesterday at the DEMO Conference, The Taploid is the creation of entrepreneurs Redg Snodgrass, a former VP of Business Development at and Head of Innovation at Alcatel-Lucent, and Andrew Scott, founder of social networking site ‘playtxt’. The aim of the new social network is to provide social media with its very own gossip tabloid. By searching through your social graph, The Taploid finds out information about your friends and delivers it in the form of a full page story complete with slideshow.

“We want to take Silicon Valley technology and bring it to the Jersey Shore mass market,” said Snodgrass of the venture.

Initially, The Taploid can only use data from Facebook, but Snodgrass has already said that the web app will soon being digesting information from Twitter, Foursquare and other sites soon.

An article over at TechCrunch provides an example of how The Taploid will work:

“Let’s say your buddy Trevor breaks up with his girlfriend. Taploid will analyze if he friends, wall posts, or checks in with single women. If he’s heavily interacting with a few girls, Taploid will show a story suggesting Trevor might date one of them and ask you to vote for who you think he’ll end up with. Or if someone is wall posting with people who use words like “beer,” “drugs,” and “party” too often, Taploid might tell you they’re running with the wrong crowd and invite you to warn them.”

You can look at The Taploid in two ways: either it is hilarious or extremely creep. I personally believe it is the former.

The startup has currently raised $200,000 in funding from Ballpark Ventures, Steve Pankhurst, Steve Schlenker, and a few others, and is currently out raising more. The Taploid is looking to raise its Series A round by November, which is when the work will begin on the mobile app.

– Anthony Carter

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