The Top 10 Chrome Extensions for WordPress

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Posted 4 years ago


The Top 10 Chrome Extensions for WordPressWithin a span of just a few years, Google Chrome has attained a good deal of popularity. One primary benefit that draws users is the huge network of applications and extensions that it offers. With these extensions you can add features and enhance the browsing experience. In fact, many developers have started using Chrome extensions for WordPress, thereby helping users to modify and adapt it in a way that they can monitor, and post content on the blog.

Here in this article we will discuss the top 10 extensions for Google Chrome with which you can turn Chrome into a blogging livewire.

1. WordPress Stats

For people who want to keep a constant tab of daily statistics of their blog in their Chrome browser, the best way to do so is by using WordPress Stats. With this chrome extension, you can modify your blog in the Chrome browser even without logging in to your blog dashboard. In fact, WordPress Stats allows you to have referrers and top posts along with search term and clicks to your blog without getting into the control panel of your blog. Among the various benefits of WordPress Stats, it’s a great time saver and offers real time statistics.

2. WordPress Commentify

Another interesting extension of the Chrome browser is WordPress Commentify. This extension operates in the background and checks configured blogs from time to time. It looks for new comments, and when it finds one on any of the blogs being monitored, this extension informs you immediately by means of a tiny pop-up display. With the help of this unique extension, you can do all sorts of things like delete or approve a comment, reply to it or even mark it as spam.

3. Feedly

Feedly is known to be the best extension which makes reading the content of your favorite sites easy. It’s undoubtedly like an RSS feed. With new and interesting stories and articles featured on the web each and every day, Feedly allows you to find and read, as well as share the ones relevant to you. Among the various features that Feedly boasts, it can load the Feedly beta channel, it can enrich articles with engagement information, and it works well with the new site.

4. SEO Quake

As the name suggests, SEOquake is an SEO extension for Google Chrome. With this extension, SEOs can check important considerations like Google PageRank and Alexa rank, along with calculating many other parameters of a web page. It also works best with SERP or Search Engine Results Page. It’s also capable of other things, like highlighting no-follow links and testing and comparing urls, along with finding text density.

5. Page Rank Status

A great Chrome SEO extension, Page Rank Status displays things like Google PageRank and AlexaRank of existing web pages. It also allows access to other information like Geo IP Location, indexed pages and Whois information. This useful extension can also find the ranking of your site in Compete and Quantcast. PageRank Status supports over 30 languages.

6. Buffer

Buffer, another interesting Chrome Browser extension, is perhaps the most perfect way to share interesting content to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The best part is that you can share content to social media sites from anywhere on the web with just a click. Those who want to stay connected with social media sites all the time will find this extension extremely useful. With the Buffer extension, you can publish your updates well on social media sites. It also analyses updates that you’ve share on social media and tracks results.

7. Google Tasks

Google Task as an extension can make life easy in adding and managing your tasks using Chrome. This extension can make you add and manage tasks in three different ways. One of the three ways is that you can type “Your new task” into the Chrome Omnibar and add a task from any webpage. Another way is that you can click the tasks icon to add a task, and in the third way you can highlight text on a webpage and add it to a new task with simply a right click. Tasks in Chrome can be seen in Gmail, iGoogle, Calendar, Mobile and via the Google Tasks API.

8. MultiPress

The MultiPress extension for Chrome supports multiple blogs and presents easy access to the “Press This” interface of your WordPress blog from Chrome. The MultiPress extension supports as many as five blogs for posting. According to the latest update with version 2.0, the “Press This” option now opens in a new tab rather than opening as a popup.

9. Evernote Web Clipper

The Evernote Web Clipper extension helps you save things that you view on the web in your Evernote account. This way you can easily save, share and mark anything interesting that you find online. With this extension you can capture things like clipping pages, annotating screenshots, and much more; which you can access from anywhere later. Among its various features are Clip it, Mark it up and share it; whereby you can clip articles and simplify them, mark clips by using the highlighter to draw attention and share clips on social media and via email, and by sharing a link. Not only this, once you clip something, the extension finds up to three notes which are connected to the content in the clip and to your content.

10. Chrome Sniffer

Chrome Sniffer is an extension that can identify web applications on browsing websites, along with detecting Javascript libraries running on them. With the help of this extension, web developers can inspect the websites that they are browsing currently. Once the extension detects anything, an icon appears on the address bar, which points out the detected framework. At present, the Chrome Sniffer can detect as many as 100 popular CMS and Javascript libraries. It’s expected to add more in the future.

– Ady Sachdeva


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