The Top 10 eCommerce Solutions

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The Top 10 eCommerce SolutionsIf you want to sell products online, you’ll need an eCommerce solution. Here are the top 10 eCommerce Solutions that will help you make your online business a success.

1. Magento

Magento helps you grow your business by focusing on engaging customers. Launched in March 2008 by Varien, Magento is now owned by eBay Inc. With its effective services, it’s been able to get more than 200,000 people onboard. The eCommerce products offered by Magento are flexible and feature-rich. The software is available in various versions. You may select the best one, depending upon your requirements. Let’s discuss them in brief:

Enterprise Edition: Targeting large businesses, this high performance solution comes loaded with hundreds of extensions. It also has an open architecture.

Community Edition: It’s for merchants who possess technical know-how. This open source software is available free and comes with community support.

Magento Go: If you own a small business, this is the best eCommerce solution for you. Highlights include a customizable design, and round the clock support.

You may compare the editions at the website and select the one that best suits the demands of your business.

2. CS- Cart

CS-Cart is a excellent eCommerce solution for any online business. All you need to do with this software is to just do some basic setup and add your products to start selling. It features a nicely designed storefront with over 40 design templates that you can choose from, or, you can create your own design. Even without the use of any additional tuning, CS-Cart is faster than most other eCommerce solutions available on the market. Other features of CS-Cart include a powerful admin panel, easy multi-store management, mobile-friendly, and free cloud-powered search makes this solution very effective.

This software is available in many versions, including CS-Cart (free mode), CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor, which you can choose as per your requirement.

CS-Cart: It enables you to easily create an online store of any size. With this solution, you can get your lifetime license now, as CS-Cart is available in free mode, so it doesn’t require a license purchase.

Multi-Vendor: This is an extended product with which you can create an online marketplace. Multiple vendors can manage sales of their own products. This is the perfect solution for web stores having numerous independent vendors.

3. Big Commerce

Big Commerce powers over 50,000 successful online stores and is one of the fastest growing eCommerce solutions providers. With Big Commerce, you can get your store up and running in no time. Big Commerce presents a plethora of securely hosted e-commerce tools, such as website, domain name, secure shopping cart, product catalog, payment gateway, email accounts, marketing tools, reporting, and a mobile-optimized store.

Some of the features of this useful software include Search engine optimization, built-in marketing, customizable, 100+ features without any extra charge, accept credit cards, and you can sell everywhere. It’s also available with numerous apps and extensions and bank vault security.

4. AmeriCommerce

With AmeriCommerce, you get pro-grade tools to manage all your products, content and customers for one or multiple online stores. This way, you can scale your business no matter the market size, or markets served. Americommerce is a feature-rich eCommerce solution with which you can sell your products anywhere, thereby expanding and multiplying your sales options. Designing your store is also possible with Americommerce, which you can do by customizing a theme entirely, or, by designing your own store. You can also create, manage, and display all types of products with the help of a powerful set of tools available. Other features like Marketing and SEO tools to multiply sales, Drive Conversions by direct sales engagement, social engagement, store management, Apps and integration, and security and platform are important features included.

5. Volusion

Volusion presents an all-in-one solution for all your eCommerce needs. This software serves as an eCommerce website, along with being a shopping cart and hosting site. Volusion claims to provide businesses an average  of 3X more in online sales than its competitors. Volusion is a complete website builder with features like store building, web designing, setup and management, marketing SEO, order management as well as secure hosting. The success of Volusion lies in the fact that it has helped merchants earn over $12 billion in sales. With hundreds of top-quality free, as well as premium design templates, Volusion presents a hassle-free and nice looking site for your store. Other Volusion features include easy day-to-day management of products, attract more people and earn more business, helpful mode of payments and easy processing of orders. Volusion manages everything related to IT.

6. X Cart

X Cart is a PHP eCommerce platform offering shopping cart software and solutions for high-performing online stores. X Cart is a simple to use product that you can download and install on most web hosting accounts. After that, you simply need to upload your products manually, or, import them to start accepting orders by means of your selected payment processor. X Cart presents some unique features like awesome design templates, open source PHP code, excellent cost of ownership, fast and secure, and it’s available with hundreds of add-ons and extensions.

The software is available in three different variations like X Cart Mobile, X Cart Business and X-cart Business Premium.

The Mobile version is best suitable for small businesses and newcomers to eCommerce.

The Business version is perfect for mid-sized and growing businesses.

The Business Premium software is available with top features and top support.

7. Core Commerce

Another popular eCommerce solution is Core commerce, which provides an all-in-one hosted shopping cart for your e-commerce store. This software is available with no transaction fees, and is available with numerous features and a simple setup process. Core Commerce is so simple, anyone surfing the internet will be able to use the service offered by this software. Core Commerce comes with hundreds of free themes that you can choose to design the perfect store for you. You can also customize your products and manage your content with this software. This eCommerce solution provider accepts credit cards and presents flexible shipping setup. Other features include social media, marketing your products, and boosting your search engine rankings.

8. OS Commerce

With OS Commerce, you have the tools to set up your self-hosted online store for free. This product helps you market and sell products securely to your worldwide customers. OS Commerce has an ever-growing community of over 260,000 store owners joined by developers and service providers. The OS Commerce community has uploaded over 7,000 add-ons available for free that you can use to customize your online store. OS Commerce offers Online Merchant software with two variations, including Online Merchant v2.3. x and Online Merchant v3.0.x. The former is a complete self-hosted online store solution available with a catalog frontend and an administration tool on the backend, whereas the latter is at present in the development phase and not yet released.

9. 3D Cart

3D Cart is a complete online business solution which has made the opening of an online business an extremely easy task. This solution is the best answer to your new and existing websites, and is complete with numerous features. With this software, you can easily build and design your website. There are 50 website templates available, and you also have the option to create your own design. Another feature of the software enables you to market and promote your store with ease, with the help of 25 SEO tools, social media sites, and blogs. Finally, the ‘grow your business’ feature allows you to expand your business in the mobile market with the help of mCommerce mobile store templates.

10. Pinnacle Cart

Pinnacle Cart allows you to build the perfect online store in just minutes. The software is available with many interesting features. The free Facebook and Mobile Commerce Storefronts offered by Pinnacle Cart allow you to reach customers anywhere, anytime. Pinnacle Cart presents easy to use design features. These features allow you to manage every aspect of your design without the need to learn code. This eCommerce solution provider helps you achieve the optimum ranking possible by means of well-organized search engine optimization. Additionally, you can engage in seamless integration with Intuit QuickBooks, thereby saving you time and money. Other features of the software include a free social media platform, instant sales with QR Codes, recapture lost sales with Drift marketing, payment tokenization, and login with Facebook, and more.

– Ady Sachdeva


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