The Top 10 Joomla Extensions

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The Top 10 Joomla ExtensionsExtensions help add functionality to your Joomla websites. Joomla is constantly adding new extensions to its database. Currently, there are 7,534 extensions listed in the Joomla Extensions Directory. We’ve picked the top 10 Joomla extensions:

1. Joomla Content Editor (JCE)

One of the most popular Joomla extensions available, JCE is a useful tool for those who are not very well-versed with technology, and have problems using the default page editor of Joomla. The best part of JCE is that you do not need any HTML skills to make edits to your page, and it comes with many interesting features too. For instance, Background Color, Multimedia Management, Font Selection and Import from Microsoft Word are few of the features of JCE. JCE also enables add-on features that you can use to extend it. Such add-ons include: File Manager, Media Manager, Captions, and Image Manager Extended. Anybody with the ability to use Microsoft Word can use JCE with ease. JCE is not only extendable and customizable, but free too.

2. Akeeba Backup

The importance of having a site backup in place cannot be ignored. When it comes to Joomla users, the best backup extension that comes to mind is the Akeeba Backup. This is a unique and extremely helpful tool that works in the background, and creates a complete backup of your site. The backup it creates can be used to restore the website if required in the future. This backup extension is extensively used by Joomla users, and it aids in controlling the files that you want to have a backup for. All that Akeeba Backup requires is just a few clicks, and you can fully mechanize the process required for a backup extension. You can access your backup anywhere. This extension has an interesting feature called “Roll Back Tool” that restores your website to the last best version, in case your website gets broken by the installation of a plugin or extension. It comes in both a free (Core) and paid (Professional) version.

3. K2

Despite the fact that Joomla is a very useful CMS, the article system of Joomla offers room for improvement because it just presents a title and the content area. Keeping this in mind, K2 was created to make it easy and for you to manage your content. K2 presents more than what is presented by default on Joomla. As a user, you simply install the K2 extension, and import all your Joomla articles. This extension presents unique features like Article image management, Video management, Image gallery management, Comments, Tags, Content modules, and Drag and Drop Media Manager among others. With this extension you can easily create an online magazine or product catalog, Question and Answer type site, directory, or any other type of site.

4. Community Builder

Joomla has many community-oriented packages, and out of them all, the Community Builder from Joomlapolis is the favorite. Community builder or ‘CB’ offers better facilities as it delivers a framework for a community site. CB lets you pick and choose add-ons within Community Builder for many modules. The best part about the Community Builder extension is that it sets up the single sign-on process. This process integrates your site’s current login system easily with your site’s existing base login system. Community Builder has many add-ons too which can be used by upgrading it to one of the three additional subscription plans, namely, Advanced, Professional or Developer.

5. WidgetKit

WidgetKit is the next generation toolkit created for Joomla and WordPress, which enhances your website experience. WidgetKit includes a pack of responsive design widgets, which work with specific sites. This extension includes features like a slideshow gallery, social media embeds, and accordion sections that expand and collapse. It also includes a map for your business, HTML5 audio and video players, Lightbox, Spotlight and much more. Managing widgets is very easy, as you can create, edit or delete all widgets, and their content in one place. You can even use shortcodes to display a widget in your article.

6. sh404SEF

Irrespective of its odd name, the sh404SEF is an influential SEO, analytics and security extension for Joomla with huge market share. This extension is, in fact, a perfect solution that can turn your Joomla site into a powerhouse in the area of SEO. The primary benefit of this extension is that it can turn auto-generated Joomla URLs into SEO responsive options, enriched with keywords. There were many recent releases which have expanded the functionality of the sh404SEF extension, and these include features like Google Analytics support, and built-in canonical headers, among others. sh404SEF is one of the most reliable, and most trusted tools available for Joomla. It truly assists with search engine placement of your Joomla site.

7. swMenuPro

swMenuPro is an advanced menu system for Joomla. This extension is available in two versions; free and professional. It offers an easy solution that could convert your Joomla menus from normal to extraordinary. It allows users to create an unlimited number of Menu Modules, which can be created by using a wide variety of styling options. With SwMenu you can update the look and feel of your Joomla site. Among the various features of the extension include: Pure CSS3 menu, Rounded corner assignment, custom HTML, Export and Import styles, Cufon fonts, and more. The swMenuPro is a complete menu module extension system.

8. ccNewsletter

With ccNewsletter you can manage your own newsletter within your Joomla site. As we all know, building an email list of visitors to your website is very important. If you use the ccNewsletter extension, you can completely manage your individual newsletter. Being a user-friendly extension, it helps you develop your first list, whether or not you have technical skills. Some of its core features include: creating and sending your newsletter, flexible subscriber module, easy to customize template, and professional and individual support.

9. Mobile Joomla

If you want to mobilize your Joomla site, the best way to do so is by using the Mobile Joomla extension. Being mobile friendly is again necessary for your site, and since more and more people are turning towards mobile to access the internet, this extension is definitely a must have for your Joomla site. It’s now very important to ensure that your website is accessible on any type of device. For those who are using Joomla to manage their sites, the Mobile Joomla extension is a necessary tool. With this extension you can make your site display differently to users using different devices including the iPhone, iPad, or any other mobile device. You can create mobile friendly templates, or, use the ones included in the extension.

10. Simple Image Gallery

With the Simple Image Gallery extension, you can say goodbye to the task of manually inserting images, one after another. With this extension, you can insert folders with full galleries. You can even insert all images in a folder, and create a grid style gallery. By simply using the gallery tags, you can insert the images wherever you want. You tend to spend less time in inserting images the right way, and instead, use the extra time in creating some great content for your page. This extension comes in two versions, including free (Simple Image Gallery) and paid (Simple Image Gallery PRO).

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