The Top 5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Mobile Presence Now

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Posted 5 years ago

Whether you happen to run a growing business or are just an individual who sells whatever happens to be created from a favorite hobby, the importance of a website is at the top of the list. Billions of people have access to the Internet, and naturally that’s the favored way of getting a name out there. What many companies haven’t tapped into yet, however, is the mobile website. Here are five reasons why acquiring a mobile presence can mean the difference between a profit and a loss.

1. Let People Order Whenever They Want

Most stores will make their money from impulse decisions. Few people seriously think about whether they are going to buy a pizza or not, for example. The large majority of sales are done on impulse. Any company or business is going to want to take advantage of that. With a mobile website it’s easy as it gives people the chance to order something wherever they happen to be.

Take, for example, the slice of the market that’s now been taken up by mobile purchases. One prominent Home Depot store commented in a conference call, whilst reporting the company’s earnings after quarter two of 2012, that 35% of all sales were done through their mobile website.

2. Prominence

There’s nothing surprising in the fact that the large majority of people now own some sort of mobile device that gives them access to these websites. Furthermore, more and more people are now purchasing items through mobile websites. Moms on Mobile reported that 62% of mothers now own a smartphone where they have some form of shopping app installed; and it’s not an app that was there when they got the phone, it was one that they actively went out to buy.

People are just not interested in standing in line or praying that the item that they want is in stock anymore. Is it a sign that the population is getting lazy? Possibly. But any good business owner will want a mobile website so that they can take advantage and get a slice of this very lucrative pie.

3.  Another Outlet

It’s easy to argue about just how effective a mobile website is. What has to be remembered, though, is that it doesn’t matter because that next big sale could come from it. Even if there’s just a small chance of making that sale or getting that next interested customer then surely it’s worth the relatively small investment to get a long term mobile website? Companies both big and small should never relent on their marketing efforts. They want to give their target market the chance to find them anywhere.

4.  Not Invisible

Unless individuals know a lot about how the Internet works then they may believe that they can’t be found on a mobile if they don’t have a dedicated website. This couldn’t be more wrong. The fact is that people can be found on any mobile device regardless of whether they actually have a specific mobile website. The difference is that it will appear just as it would on a computer, which is not a good thing.

Statistics have shown that customers just won’t put up with un-optimized websites. The Interactive Advertising Bureau reported that the average time people spend on a website is five minutes and two seconds longer when it’s an optimized website.

5.  Everybody’s Doing It

The Interactive Advertising Bureau reported that 40% of the top 100 brands in the UK now have a dedicated mobile website presence. If all of these top brands are investing in these websites then surely it makes sense to do the same?

– Anthony Carter

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