The United States And China Are Putting Together A Cyberspace “Code Of Conduct”

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Posted 2 years ago


Chinese Certificate Authority Banned By Google And MozillaThe tensions between the United States and Chinese governments over their respective issues in cyberspace is experiencing a slight decline due to two days of talks.

The result of the two-day session of talks between the two nations that ended Wednesday were revealed to the press by President Barack Obama.

While he offered no distinct details, he did say that thanks to the talks, China was willing to work with the U.S. on the beginnings of a “code of conduct” for cyberspace.

Yang Jiechi, the Chinese State Councilor, told press that his country was willing to collaborate with the Americans on better cybersecurity protocol.

This news is slightly heartening given the animosity that has risen up between the two countries, most recently over allegations that hackers supported by the Chinese government were behind a massive breach that left the vital information of federal employees exposed.

For its part, China has both vehemently denied their involvement and accused the U.S. of inflicting cyberattacks on Chinese officials and corporations.

Secretary of State John Kerry comments on the talks were as follows: “There was an honest discussion, without accusations, without any finger-pointing, about the problem of cyber theft and whether or not it was sanctioned by government or whether it was hackers and individuals that the government has the ability to prosecute.”

He did stress to the Chinese that cyberattacks enacted with or without Chinese government support on the U.S. would not be tolerated in the meetings.

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