The United States Launched A Failed Cyber Attack Against North Korea

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Posted 2 years ago


Adult Dating Site Hacked - Thousands Of Customer Records Leaked OnlineIn the midst of the United States’ efforts to prevent North Korea from fully mobilizing their nuclear warfare capabilities, new details have emerged of a definite cyber attack launched by the National Security Agency that was unsuccessful.

A recent report revealed that the National Security Agency carried out the attack in conjunction with the now-publicized cyber attack carried out against Iran in 2009 and 2010.

That offensive was done in collaboration with Israeli forces, and proved to be successful in dismantling centrifuges that were to be used to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons purposes.

The North Korean attack failed due to the complete secrecy of the country’s Internet traffic and isolated communications systems, leading to an inability to affect their core machines.

Sources close to the program have determined that a Stuxnet-styled attack was used against North Korea, not unlike the type used against Iran.

The virus would be engaged once the Stuxnet program encountered any infected machine with Korean language settings.

The virus would then take advantage of flaws in Microsoft and Siemens AG software.

The North Korean government has been hit with multiple sanctions for carrying out nuclear weapons tests and aggressively building their program in defiance of international agreements.

The chances of success of such an attack were deemed limited by experts with knowledge of the nation’s strict policy on computing; the open Internet is a privilege enjoyed by a few, and one must have police permission to even own a computer.

There is only one conduit for the entire country’s Internet activity, provided by China. Yet it has been confirmed that there is a piece of software related to Stuxnet that has been found in North Korea dating to that particular period.

The NSA declined to comment.

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