This Chrome Extension Lets You Track Facebook Messenger Users

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Posted 2 years ago


Facebook To Add More Features To MessengerA new extension for Google Chrome has raised some concerns from observers over a particular feature that threatens the privacy of others.

The app, entitled Marauders Map, is the brainchild of Aran Khanna.

Khanna is a student in computer science and mathematics at Harvard University, and he named this app after the Marauders Map found in the J.K. Rowling penned Harry Potter book series that showed the location and identity of people along with their movements.

The app itself has been found to pinpoint this data for all who use Facebook Messenger to a startling degree, even allowing for someone’s positioning in a room within a building.

The data is obtained through global positioning system, or GPS functions within Facebook if they’re not turned off manually in the location settings for both iOS and Android versions.

Khanna’s research, which he posted in an article on Medium, even states that Messenger users can obtain information on a Messenger user’s whereabouts over the past week and in certain cases, years.

To add to the alarm of this flaw, the information can be obtained by those who aren’t even friends with the user in particular. Facebook is currently working on a way to correct this glaring glitch.

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