Tidal Adds New Features

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Posted 2 years ago


Is The Tide Going Out For Jay Z's Streaming Music Service?It seems as if Tidal is surging upward, thanks to a few new features implemented by the streaming music service that has Jay-Z at the helm.

The company has dealt with a flurry of skepticism since the rapper’s takeover of the company in concert with other high-profile artists.

But reports have shown some growth in Tidal’s subscriber base, up to 900,000 people currently with 200,000 signing up for the premium Hi-Fi service at a rate of $20 per month.

The new features include a partnership deal with Ticketmaster that will let Tidal users get first dibs on exclusive concert experiences.

They also rolled out desktop applications for both the Mac and PC.

While these desktop apps bear similarities to their mobile player, the standout differences lie in exclusive video and music content heralded by larger banners as well as the ability to now let non-subscribers browse around for a little.

In addition, the much-discussed option for student subscribers is set to be released within the next few weeks, with a price tag of $4.99 per month.

And rapper Lil Wayne was also introduced as a new co-owner.

Despite a rocky start that saw the company lay off part of its workforce including their previous CEO, Tidal’s new features give its presence more needed heft.

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