Tips To Make Your WordPress Blog Popular

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Posted 3 years ago


Tips To Make Your WordPress Blog PopularThe popularity of WordPress as a powerful blogging platform cannot be negated in any way. Be it a free blog, or a self-hosted one, thousands of people start blogging every day. The important thing to consider is that out of the thousands of blogs created daily, how many sustain and remain popular for long? Do they get regular comments, or do they have to shut down in a few months due to the blog not being as popular as they wanted it to be.

Let’s discuss some useful tips to make your WordPress blog popular:

1. Concentrate on a single topic

Many people have the habit of writing about different things and about life in general, which doesn’t appeal to some readers. Though, one or two of their blog posts may appeal to people, the extensive range of content might keep visitors away from your blog, or, prevent them from coming back for more. To make your blog popular and interesting, you should focus on a single topic, and stick to it. In case you want to broaden it a bit, you can write about topics related to the one that you have focused on. This way, you’ll be able to do justice to your blogs, and make people interested in your posts.

2. Make friends with fellow bloggers

It’s quite probable that you may not be the only one posting blogs on the topics that you have chosen on the internet. There may be many others writing about the same thing. So you must look for fellow bloggers blogging on similar topics, and participate on their blogs by commenting something that is relevant and beneficial to the post. There are some bloggers who even allow commenters to leave a link and their name on the comment space. This will benefit you in terms of receiving new visitors and building rapport with fellow writers.

3. Join groups that support blogging

You can also join groups and forums that help in promoting your blogs on the right platform. Groups like that supports blogging is a great way to promote your blog, and find similar blogs too. The so-called “blog carnivals” are another great way to promote your blogs, and to introduce readers to similar blogs by different authors.

4. Try to keep many visitors on your blog

One benefit of offering related content is that more and more people get interested in your blog. When the reader gets all the related material of a particular topic in one place, they definitely like it. Try to use a small preview image, along with your post, rather than posting plain content.

5. Use guest bloggers

If you have Guest blogger writing on related topics, it will help in establishing your blog, along with making you an expert on the subject matter. A good way for bloggers to find guest writers is through MyBlogGuest. Be careful with guest blogging activities, and only work with guest bloggers and websites that are reputable, as guest blogging is now being closely examined by Google for link spamming schemes.

6. Involve visitors and encourage them to comment

If you receive comments from your visitors on your post, it means that they have followed your post and have things to say about it. Even if you get comments, your readers might not have shared your site or bookmarked it. In such case, you can reply to your readers and engage them to form a bond, so that the readers keep coming back.

7. Include social sharing widgets in your blog

A few small Social Sharing buttons on your website can really boost your blog’s exposure. At least the basic ones like Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon, can be used without making your blog look messy.

I hope these points help you in making your blog popular. Happy Blogging! Stay tuned for more tips.

– Ady Sachdeva


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