Top 10 Joomla Templates

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Posted 4 years ago


JoomlaThe increasing use of Joomla has made it one of the more popular Content Management Systems (CMS). For a better user experience, Joomla introduces updated versions of its software application. Recently, a 3.1 version of Joomla was rolled out. Here are the top 10 Joomla templates compatible with 3.0 and above:

1. SJ Joomla3 Template
With an array of integrated features, the SJ Joomla3 is an ideal pick for website developers. The features of this template are interesting and useful. They include full compatibility with IE8+ Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5 and Chrome; 5 Site Styles support such as Blue (default), Red, Green, Purple and Brown, add Google Analytics option, Responsive layout and more. SJ Joomla3 is a free template.

2. JSN Cube Template
The JSN Cube has a beautiful design that draws onlooker’s attention. It’s a tailor-made theme for fashion websites. The outstanding features of this template are its built-in Responsive Design, 36 module positions, and up to 88 module styles, JSN ImageShow for a beautiful image gallery, and 6 fashionable theme colors, such as orange, pink, red, cyan, green and violet. You can download it for free.

3. Medicom Template
For the creators of business websites, the Medicom template is an idyllic Joomla 3.0 template that contains a collection of online business projects. The features of this template say everything about its quality. These include: 19 Possible Module Positions, an easy option to edit a Logo (as text or image), a 2 column layout (left and center), a Font Size Selector, and a Font Chooser. You need to buy the membership at Dreamtemplate and download it.

4. JF Architec Design Template
JF Architec Design is particularly suitable for architects and interior designers. The attractive features of this template include: 12 modules and 2 columns, a leftside picture gallery, individualistic styles and modifications, slideshows, and many more. It’s a free template.

5. JF Relaxio Hotel Template
For websites dealing with hotels, spas, beauty salons, and wellness centers, JF Relaxio is a great template. The module positions of this template are interesting and include 8 module positions like lang, social (Facebook and Twitter links), mainmenu, submenu, contact, bottom_right, logo and right. Other features include content gallery with lightbox support, a full background slideshow, and music popup support. Download it for free.

6. ICE Future – Free Joomla 3.0 Template
For a cleanly designed website, the ICE Future is a perfect choice. The impressive features of this template are its Responsive Design, variety in theme, Bootstrap framework, HTML-5 / CSS-3, Clone Installer, Third-Party Extensions, and more.

7. Real Estate Template
The Real Estate template is a free template with responsive design. The good part is that it works with the latest 3.1 version of the CMS. This template looks and works great on any size or resolution.

8. Movie Store Joomla Template
The Movie Store Joomla Template is a great, free, Joomla 3 template that works pretty well for movie lovers. The elegance of this template is reflected in its white, mixed with green, look.

9. Matheno Education template
Matheno is the best education template for Joomla. The Matheno Education template is basically for educational websites. So, whether you run a college, school, or an institution, you can pick this template that boasts an eye-catching design. Its features include 100% responsive design, rich typography, preset styles, amongst other features.

10. JSN Dome Template
For a wonderfully built and designed personal website, JSN Dome can be a good choice. There is support for bug fixing in the template, and the free version of it is pretty helpful and easy for anyone to use. This template also comes in Pro Standard and Pro Unlimited versions.

– Ady Sachdeva


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