Top 10 Methods To Get More Facebook Fans

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Posted 4 years ago


Top 10 Methods To Get More Facebook FansFacebook has emerged as one of the strongest social media contenders, if not the strongest of them all. Though Twitter and Google+ also are very popular, many consumers usually care more about Facebook. This is because of Facebook’s wide presence.  Here are the top 10 methods to get more Facebook Fans:

1. Channel Traffic

The first primary requirement is to generate traffic for your Facebook Fan page, and to do this, you should start with channeling traffic from other sites and sources. For this you can use any kind of marketing asset in your possession. For instance, you can use your email list to generate traffic and promote your Facebook fan page.

2. Encourage Engagement

This is another important aspect of Facebook. Irrespective of the number of fans, encouraging engagement is necessary to increase the reach of your page through viral traffic. And for this, you must increase the number of people that you can actually reach.

3. Suggest to Friends and ask them to share your page

Suggesting your page to friends is one of the easiest things to do. You must suggest your page to friends who are already on Facebook. If your friends, on their part, suggest your page to their friends who find it relevant, you can gain yet more fans from them. You can even ask your friends to share your page with their followers.

4. Add your URL to your marketing material

By adding the URL of your Facebook fan page to the marketing material of your business, you can make it easy to reach out to many. Just add the URL on your business cards, email signatures, and other physical materials to grow your page’s reach even further.

5. Add the Facebook “Like” button to your website

By adding the Facebook “Like” button to your website, you can gain more fans instantly. When they click the “Like” button, they become a fan of your Page directly from your website. With a large fan-following of your page, you can build credibility for your page.

6. Tag users in Photos and Videos

For people to like and share your page, use rich content in your page including videos and photos of your company or business, including the people associated with it. Also post videos and photos of events that you host, or that you’re involved in. Tag people in the photos so that they get to comment on them. This way, you can lure people to like your page and become a fan of your page as well.

7. Cross Promote through other sites like Twitter and Google+

If you have a following on other sites like Twitter, Google+, YouTube and others, you can probably push some of those fans to your Facebook page. For this to work, you’ll have to work on offering good content and interesting interaction on your Facebook page through competitions or special deals. The first and foremost thing is content, which has to be unique and compelling.

8. Involve Bloggers

Another important method of getting more Facebook fans is to involve bloggers. Give bloggers access to write a review about your product. This way you’ll have people talking about your product or brand online. While choosing bloggers you must ensure to find the ones related to your niche and establish a relationship with them. Also, follow them on Facebook and seek their personal opinions.

9. Make friends with your customers

Making friends with customers is not very easy and effective when you have millions of customers and users in large businesses. For all small and medium sized businesses, however,  it’s quite worthwhile. You could even use Facebook as your CRM. Look up your new customers on Facebook. Then invite these customers to join your community on your Facebook page, and make them your friend.

10. Viral Promotions

With viral promotions you can increase your reach on Facebook. In fact, regular promotions, especially viral ones, are promising. Use a viral element to run a promotion where people can share and involve their friends. This way you can involve your friends of friends and enhance your reach.

– Ady Sachdeva


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