Top 10 Online Video Editing Sites

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Posted 4 years ago


Top 10 Online Video Editing Sites

Here are our picks for the top 10 online video editing sites:

1. Magisto

With this online video editing website and iOS app, anyone looking to edit and personalize a video can do so right away. Magisto turns your video clips into movies.


2. Pixorial

This is a website for video editing through which users can perform such actions as adding an intro to the video, cropping unnecessary video parts, and adding audio. After editing, users can order a DVD or share/embed their video into a site.

3. WeVideo

WeVideo is an online video editing site that lets the users to capture, edit and instantly share videos across internet.

4. YouTube Remixer

Particularly designed for editing the YouTube videos, this can be an online video editing site for you. It lets the user create video using excerpts from the videos that are already uploaded by him. The user can choose to add music files form the AudioSwap library into the video, but he will also have to be okay with letting YouTube display ads in the video.

5. Photobucket

A Flash Player 9 based interface allows real time editing of anything in a video, be it the audio, trimming, graphic overlaying or bordering. Once edited, the videos are allowed to be shared via email, or by publishing directly from Photobucket to most major blogging services. Also, it can also be shared by copying and pasting the HTML code to embed the flash player on virtually any web page. People using this editing site are not limited to their own content only, but 2.5 billion publicly shared images, and clips are also available for them to select and edit.

6. Drag on tape

User can edit any video using this editing website in which you only have to find the video you want, drag it and then drop it into the timeline editor. Once dropped, the video is available to be cropped, to add text, or for any other editing.

7. Tube Chop

With Tube Chop, users can easily crop/edit YouTube videos and then share them with others.

8. My Brainshark

On this video editing site, users can upload slideshows, documents or videos, and then add audio to them. It’s an interesting and easy site for video editing.

9. Overstream

If you’re looking for giving a personalized touch to a video, then Overstream is a site that can help you. It will allow you to add comments and subtitles to a video and then share it online for others to view and rate.

10. One True Media

One True Media lets users make amazing videos by combining your photos and video clips with some text, effects, and music.


– Ady Sachdeva


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