Top 10 Places To Buy Or Sell A Website

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Posted 4 years ago


Top 10 Places To Buy Or Sell A Website Here is our list of the 10 best sites that offer the ability for you to sell and buy websites:


Flippa is one of the best places to sell websites, domains and apps. This is also perhaps the most visited website buy/sell marketplaces. The site already has to its credit over $25 million in websites that it has sold. Flippa interests consumers with its interesting interface and search feature along with a slightly different fee structure. The verification feature of Flippa is so unique that it makes it stand out from its competitors. Be it the verified Google Analytics traffic stats, or the phone number verification, Flippa offers the best features, which also increases the average selling prices. Flippa receives serious buyers who pay good amounts for good websites.


BuySellWebsite is another popular website that specializes in the buying and selling of both established as well as new sites. In the case of popular websites, the two-week listing costs about $59, whereas if you wish to place a two-month long listing, it costs $99.

3. WeSellYourSite

WeSellYourSite is another platform for selling your site. Here, you get the help of professional teams of website brokers who specialize in selling popular websites. This site has been offering their professional help for the past 9 years, and the websites being sold range from $100,000 – $10,000,000.

4. Forums.DigitalPoint

You can also sell your site at This site places certain conditions, such as having to be a member of the site for a minimum period of 14 days before being allowed to post a site for sale. Additionally, you need to have made at least 25 posts.

5. InternetCompanyForSale

This is a good site for those who don’t want to pay a commission for putting their site up for sale., in fact, does not charge any commissions on the sale of a website. There is a one-time charge, which is the one time listing fee. This fee is charged depending upon the kind of website you want to sell. For well-known sites, the cost is $59.95 for “list-till-you-sell.” For start-up sites, the charges are $39.95. On the other hand, in case of a permanently featured Listing, the charges are $99 for either type of website. In this case you’ll also get featured in their bi-weekly newsletter.

6. SitesIndeed

By using the services of, you can get basic listing ads for free, for up to 90 days. Extending your listing beyond that period involves fees based upon the number of days you want to list your site. Another benefit of this site is that it offers featured listings. With featured listings, your site gets a more prominent display for a fee, again depending on the number of days you prefer to list it.

7. Tycoontalk

Tycoontalk is another great forum for online business. Here, you conduct promotions, selling established sites and more. The general listing is available free of cost. For promotions and other activities, you need to pay credits that you buy at the website. In the case of auctions, you can select the option to feature your site on the main page, or even highlight it by paying a certain fee for that service.

8. Forums

To list your site with the forums, you have to pay $9.95 per topic. You must also be a member in good standing with the forum to list your site.

9. WebsiteBroker

With you can sell both domain names and complete web sites. You can list your website for a cost of $9.95 for 90 days. You can post a premium listing for $29, where your site is given added exposure. The same fees and auctions apply in the case of domain names. The standard listing is $9.95, whereas it’s $14.95 for a premium listing. No commissions are levied on completed listings.

10. FE International

FE International was formerly known as Flipping Enterprises. This site offers brokerage services for mid-market online businesses. They have a large network of experienced and qualified investors who help in selling your site online. Here, your site is only looked at by serious investors. At FE International you get intensive support starting from sale preparation to contract signing.

– Ady Sachdeva


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