Top 10 Places To Learn How To Code For Free

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Top 10 Places To Learn How To Code For Free

Knowing how to code, or, understanding computer programming is the door to new opportunities. The question is how and where to begin. If you have been thinking of learning to code for free, this article is for you.

Here are 10 such websites which teach coding through various online means like tutorials, videos, quizzes and much more:

1. LearnStreet

LearnStreet, with its clear code-entry screen on the right side of the window, is a site that focuses on code. Here you can find the run environment just under the code, which displays the code you write. Conversely, the instructions can be seen on the left side of the screen.

After completing the programming course of the site, you can look into numerous coding projects provided by the site for JavaScript, Ruby, and others.

You can sort the projects per level, which includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The projects can also be sorted in terms of category like tools, games, and algorithms.

LearnStreet presents free courseware for teachers with which they can instruct students in coding.

2. Khan Academy

With Khan Academy, you can build yourself a solid foundation on programming. This site offers pioneering video tutorials, which cover almost every subject that one can encounter while coding. The site’s programming module makes use of JavaScript for illustrating concepts that are used for coding. It also teaches you some useful JavaScript skills. This site doesn’t focus on any specific programming language.

The courses are divided into various categories, and each one of them has separate lessons ranging from three to 12. The videos display the lesson on the technique of coding on the left side of the window, and the result is displayed on the right side. Once you’re finished with the course, you must write code and repeat the process. If you fail in providing the right code, the site’s tutorial will offer hints to help you find the solution.

Like LearnStreet, this site also provides a sign up facility for teachers who can coach students from here, and manage their progress too.

3. Codecademy

Codecademy lets you broaden your programming prospects. This site presents a refined interface and interactive tutorials. The lessons offered in the Ruby tutorial on this site will let you back up and restart many distinct steps. Once you enter code in the Codecadmy window, it will take up the lesson screen. The instructions of the lesson are offered in the left pane and a pop-up window emerges on the right side of the screen when you save and submit the code button after entering a code.


W3Schools is a simple place, with simple and basic tutorials. Once you’ve completed the first half-dozen lessons, you’ll find the pace of the lessons keep you absorbed, and interested. You’ll find tutorials on HTML, SQL, PHP, CSS, XML, JQuery,
JavaScript, and others.

This site also presents demos for building websites, along with web databases and server technologies. You’ll have to read the instructions first, and then the code is shown to you afterward. You can also click the ‘Try It Yourself’ button to open a new window, which will allow you to write and run the lesson’s code.

There are over 19 separate lessons in the Basic section of the site’s JavaScript tutorial. Each of the lessons will require 15 to 30 minutes to complete. There are eight more advanced lessons. There are also lessons for Browser BOM and HTML DOM.

5. Girl Develop

Girl Develop is aimed at females who love coding. This site is an international, non-profit site that offers membership and instructions. Women of all ages and races can join. It also allows women of all education levels and income to join and enhance their skills. They can develop web and mobile applications and build careers.

6. Udacity

Udacity is one of the sites developed by Stanford University. This course, along with many others, is available online for free. The University is of the view that education is a lifelong experience and therefore it has ported loads of computer science, math and physics courses online for people to learn.

7. Code Racer

Those who want fast coding courses can consider Code Racer, which is a live, multi-player, coding game. With Code Racer, new talents can learn to build websites with the help of HTML and CSS. Experienced people can test their coding ability on this site.

8. MIT OpenCourseWare

The best thing about MIT is that it has opened all of its course content to web users. Anyone, from any place, can use and learn from MIT, which is one of the top research institutions in America.

9. Coursera

Coursera is one of the big online education giants. With Coursera, you can learn courses online from dozens of top universities. The best part is that these courses are free. Coursera classes are also available in five different languages. These include English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and French. Professors from 62 universities teach these online courses.

10. Learn Python the Hard Way

With Learn Python the Hard Way, you can use free PDFs to learn coding. If you want to use the video version of the course, you’ll have to pay $29.
With this site, you cannot copy-paste anything, and this is the number one rule here.

– Ady Sachdeva


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