Top 10 Responsive WordPress Slideshow Plugins

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Top 10 Responsive WordPress Slideshow PluginsSlideshows enhance the photo viewing experience for visitors to your site. There are a wide number of responsive WordPress slideshow plugins available on the market. Here’s our list of the Top 10 Responsive WordPress Slideshow Plugins which will display your content in a mobile-friendly way:

1. Soliloquy

Soliloquy is regarded as one of the best fully responsive WordPress slider plugins. It’s a free plugin. Available in its Lite form, the Soliloquy is a secure plugin. The Soliloquy plugin also features performance optimized code. You can create an unlimited number of responsive WordPress sliders with Soliloquy by using its custom post types. You can use an infinite number of images in each slider with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Some of the interesting features of this plugin include drag-and-drop uploading of images, along with sorting and saving. The plugin is entirely SEO optimized, and it has the capacity to specify alt and title tags within the slider for your photographs. Other features include handy shortcode, and template tags. With the help of these tags and codes, you can insert your WordPress slider anywhere in your theme. There are numerous other
WordPress slider features included with this plugin.

2. Responsive Slider

This Responsive Slider plugin enables you to create slides with linked images and titles. These images can be linked to any url. This plugin will take the slides and showcase them as a jQuery-powered slideshow.

The primary function that the Responsive Slider serves, is to act as an effective addition to responsive WordPress themes. This is because this plugin automatically adjusts to its container. It doesn’t require additional CSS or JavaScript tweaks to your theme.

3. SlideDeck

With the SlideDeck 2 Lite plugin, you can create useful video and image sliders. This plugin manages SlideDeck content and attaches them into posts and templates. It can be easily connected to different sources of Content such as Flickr, WordPress posts, YouTube, and Pinterest. This plugin can create elegant, attractive and dynamic sliders in just a few clicks. All that’s required to use this plugin is WordPress version 3.3+ and PHP5 or higher. If you want to use the full set of 14 content sources, including Facebook and NextGEN Gallery, you have to use the premium version of SlideDeck.

4. Simple Responsive Slider

The Simple Responsive Slider is a lightweight and responsive slider plugin that lets users enable and manage the cropped images at an ease. It uses the ResponsiveSlides.js.

5. FP Responsive Slider

The FP responsive slider plugin displays images in the form of slideshows, with numerous effects. It’s very easy to manage the selections from this plugin. You can either manage the options from the Slider’s Settings page, or, you can also do so from the widget settings. You can use shortcodes for pages, and template code for your template. You can also use a widget for your sidebars. With this responsive slider plugin, you can control things like sliding transition effects, along with changing time, navigation and slide numbers.

It works with a range of browsers such as all IE versions from IE6 and up. This plugin has two different modes. So, it either automatically fades the images, or it works as a responsive image container, and uses pagination or navigation to fade between slides.

6. Responsive Header Image Slider

The best part about the Responsive Header Image Slider plugin is that it quickly adds a responsive header image slider into your website. This plugin simply adds a tab “Responsive header image slider” to your admin menu. This tab allows you to enter Image Title and image items, just as you would do your regular posts.

Some of the features of this plugin include mobile touch slide, responsive, admin page, easy to configure, smoothly integrates into any theme, and CSS and JS file for customization. A few new features include: the ability to add a custom link to images, and enable or disable custom links.

7. Morpheus Plugin

The Morpheus Plugin is a responsive 3D slider. It’s a new plugin for WordPress, and it creates sliders with galleries, infographics, as well as presentations, and much more. This unique plugin works with all major browsers and devices. Being fully responsive, this plugin is optimized to load content chronologically.

The user can create sliders with several scenes using the Morpheus plugin. You can attach images, as well as text and videos from sites like YouTube. Through visual management, you can animate all the content. This plugin can also use 3D animations with the help of CSS and jQuery.

8. HG Slider

With HG Slider, which is a responsive image rotator plugin, you can easily create WordPress slideshows. This plugin creates a custom post type named ‘Slides’. This post type is created in the WordPress admin sidebar with its own section. This post type uses the standard WordPress user interface for user friendliness.

This plugin is attached with a ‘homepage’ and an ‘attachment’ placeholder by default. You can add more, or overwrite it.  To overwrite on it, you can add a function to the functions.php file found in your theme.

9. SmugMug Responsive Slider

The SmugMug responsive slider uses FlexSlider and phpSmug. With the help
of this plugin, you can select an image gallery from your SmugMug account and insert it into any post or page. This can be done as a responsive slider, or, as a thumbnail. This plugin also includes an options panel as well as a shortcode generator.

10. Fluid Responsive Slider

You can easily put slideshows into posts, pages or templates, with the help of the Fluid Responsive slider plugin. This WordPress plugin is based on a jquery plugin called orbit.js. Some of the interesting features of this plugin include ordering of Image in a slideshow, and Hyperlink on image. Other features like manage your slideshow, as you manage your post/page, multiple slideshow on single page/post, Custom text, and font size.

– Ady Sachdeva


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