Top 10 Sites To Promote Your Video

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Posted 4 years ago


Top 10 Sites To Promote Your VideoWhen it comes to promoting video online, the first website that comes to mind is YouTube. Undoubtedly, YouTube is one of the most powerful websites for video promotion. However, there are many other websites offering video promotion. These sites can also be used by anyone who wants to promote their videos.

Here are the top 10 sites that can help you promote your video:

1    Twitter

Twitter is the perfect way to send out a message, be it in text or
video. In text, Twitter allows sending out a message in 140 characters or less. If you can manage sending your message in that many words along with your video, than there is nothing else like it. With your video, and the right text message, you can
update your followers about anything happening in your
business. It’s actually a great way to connect with people.


2 Facebook

If you promote your video on Facebook, you’ll definitely get some extra benefits. You can analyze user data and analytics of your fan page. Facebook by far is one of the best social platforms to share your video and communicate with fans to promote your business.


3 Metacafe

Another significant platform to promote your video is Metacafe. This website was created by Israeli entrepreneurs Eyal Hertzog and Arik Czerniak in Tel Aviv in July 2002. Headquartered in San Francisco, Metacafe works in similar way as other popular websites like YouTube This site presents premium videos for entertainment purposes. It also allows users to upload and share videos for free. However, in terms of reach, Metacafe is not as widespread as YouTube.


4 Dailymotion

Dailymotion is another platform for sharing videos. This service is based in Paris, France. It’s a very popular, and one of the largest video sites in the world after YouTube. As per records provided by Dailymotion, the site attracts over 114 million visitors each month and over 1.2 billion video are viewed worldwide on their website.


5 Yahoo Video

Yahoo has its own video sharing website. And it’s surprising that many people don’t know this. Yahoo!, is definitely a well-trafficked website where you can promote your videos.


6 Vimeo

Vimeo was launched in 2004 by Zach Klein and Jake Lodwick. The main benefit with this website is that its technology converts video to QuickTime, which makes it easy to view videos online. Another benefit with Vimeo is that it is one of the first video sharing websites to support (HD) high definition content Vimeo is based in New York. It aims to provide the best tools and top quality videos in the world. As per Wikipedia, Vimeo, in March 2010, had more than 3 million members. Their site has an average of 16,000-plus new videos uploaded daily.



CNET’s video channel is another place where you can promote your videos. This would be the best place for technology companies to exhibit their products, and/or share their press releases.


8 Vine

Vine is Twitter’s video sharing service. This service allows users to create and post short video clips. It’s actually a great way to share a maximum clip length of 6-seconds, which can be shared on Twitter and Facebook. You can use Vine for your website or business as well.


9 Veoh

Veoh is a smaller platform to promote videos. Based in San Diego, California, the website allows users to watch studio content, independent videos, and user-generated


10 Viddler

Viddler is renowned because it was one of the first video promotion/sharing websites. It’s a platform to upload, view, tag and comment on videos and clips. The company is based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


– Ady Sachdeva


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