Top 15 WordPress Plugins for Amazon Associates

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Top 15 WordPress Plugins for Amazon AssociatesWith the introduction of some helpful tools and resources, you can now earn lasting income by means of your WordPress website or blog. Today, we are listing the top 15 WordPress Plugins for Amazon Associates:

1. Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

The Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer automatically changes your Amazon links and points visitors to the Amazon store in their country. To do this, the plugin uses your affiliate ID for that country. If you have visitors from the US, the plugin will divert them to Amazon US store, and if they are from any other country, they will be diverted to the Amazon store in their specific country.

You can easily add the links to your posts, or, in your template. You can place the links anywhere on the pages of your blog, and it will be automatically converted.

2. Amazon Reloaded for WordPress

The Amazon Reloaded for WordPress plugin enables bloggers to insert text and image links from Amazon product pages into their blog posts with ease. This plugin lets you quickly look into the product index of Amazon from the blog interface of your WordPress site. You can than collect text or image links and place them in your blog posts. You have to add your Amazon Associates ID in the settings screen and ensure that all the links in the blog contain your affiliate ID.

You can search for products and send their names and images to the post editor as an affiliate link. This plugin doesn’t require any formatting for the links or images, thereby making it easy to integrate them into your post. Further, the links are not shortcode based and keep working even when the plugin is disabled.

This plugin presents the blog administrator with an option to choose from Amazon locales including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan.

If you download the new version, you get support for the new request signing requirements of Amazon. There’s also a credential checking system that has been put in place, along with the remote connection API, which will work across more blogs and hosting setups.

3. Amazon Auto Links

With Amazon Auto Links you can generate links of the most recent Amazon products in the preferred category that you pick. Even if your browser is JavaScript disabled, you can see them in your browser. The availability of this plugin now makes the manual searching of products, and pasting of affiliate links a thing of the past. The benefit of this plugin is that you simply don’t have to worry about the product getting outdated.

All you have to do is to simply pick categories that suit your blog and the plugin will automatically show the links of the most recent products at Amazon. You’ll have to tag your links with your Amazon Associate ID.

The Amazon Auto Links supports 10 Amazon locales. To insert advertisements, you can add them as widgets, or, you can place shortcode that is generated, or, PHP code in the place where the links should appear. This plugin allows you to search for specific products, too.

This plugin will help those who have good HTML and CSS coding skills. Those who have a rough idea of PHP can even create their own template, and design the layout.

4. Easy Azon 3.0

Easy Azon 3.0 is a huge upgrade to the widely held EasyAzon WordPress plugin, which was launched back in 2011. Amazon affiliate users can quickly create Amazon affiliate links without leaving their WordPress dashboard. It also automatically redirects users to the country they are viewing your website from. This enables users to make more money from their visitors across the globe. With this plugin, users can also optionally cloak affiliate links. This plugin helps you get more commissions by grabbing visitors attention, and thereby driving more clicks.

5. WP Amazon Ads

With the WP Amazon Ads plugin, you can earn huge commissions from sales by inserting Amazon product listings into your WordPress posts. It allows you to insert a list of products from Amazon on a single post page. The listings are entirely customizable as per the parameters marked in the admin panel.

This plugin can identify the search with a custom field in the post called “amazon_search.”

Multi-author blogs can share revenue, and it can also state the percentage to share. The plugin hides the affiliate links to Amazon.

6. Amazon Link

With the Amazon Link plugin, you can place Amazon product links as well as images into your WordPress pages and posts. The links can be of any type, be it simple text links, thumbnail images or even full-blown Amazon flash widgets.

Some of the main features of this plugin are: Search Tool to assist authors, Simple shortcode to generate product links, Localization of all links as per nationality of the visitor, Amazon Product Details Cache, Optional multinational popup, etc.

7. WP Shopping Pages

WP Shopping Pages is regarded as the easiest affiliate store plugin for WordPress. With this plugin you can add affiliate shopping pages to your blog or site with ease. You can earn commissions from Amazon and eBay, with the help of this plugin. All of this is done with a few clicks.

This plugin also enables you to include as many products as you want. All you have to do is to enter the keywords of your choice, and the plugin creates the shopping pages. This plugin can also generate posts along with creating shopping pages. The plugin can be easily controlled with its template system and its numerous settings.

8. Amazon Product in a post

This is another unique plugin with which you can monetize your blog posts or pages. Like most other plugins, this plugin again allows you to add formatted Amazon Products to any page by using the Amazon ASIN.

Here, along with AWS Access Key ID, you also need to have a Secret Access Key of your own to use this plugin. A formatted Amazon Product/Item can be quickly added to a post or page with this plugin.

The Amazon Product in a post plugin uses the newly revised Amazon Product Advertising API. You need an Amazon Affiliate Account, and an Amazon Product Advertising API key to use this plugin. Being free and easy, it’s simple to install the plugin.

9. Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player

With the Amazon S3 Cloud HTML5 MP3 Player plugin, you can link your Amazon S3 bucket and arrange an HTML5 playlist. This plugin use tracks directly from your Amazon s3 buckets playable in HTML5 element. This plugin is not linked in any way to

Some of the features of this plugin are include Customize Player Skin & Size, MP3 Song’s information using ID3 Tags, Amazon S3 SubFolder support, and more.

10. Amazon Master

With Amazon Master you can display the hottest deals from Amazon. It lets you generate income for WordPress based websites. This plugin can easily fit into any widget space, be it small or large. The Amazon Master is fully customizable, and it displays Gold Box Deals, Deals by Category, and Warehouse Deals.

11. MoneyPress: Amazon Edition

With the MoneyPress plugin, users of WordPress can place Amazon product listings on their posts and pages. This can be done by using a simple short code, and it can earn you affiliate revenue. By means of adding content, it creates a source of revenue for your site or blog, and that too, with the least effort.

Some basic features of this plugin include listing products from any Amazon Category. The plugin can connect to Amazon sites in the US, Germany, UK, France, Canada and Japan. It has a premium add-on package available, so as to extend the capabilities of this plugin.

The Pro Pack with a Pro Pack Add-On feature lets you create custom CSS themes for the listings.

12. AzonPost

The AzonPost is a simple plugin that automatically searches and posts Amazon products on your WordPress blog. The plugin, like most other plugins, uses the Amazon Product Advertising API, along with an Amazon Associates ID. With the help of this ID, the user can access and search Amazon products, information, and features. Once you create and save your Amazon Product Advertising API, you can create posting campaigns.

13. AmazonSimpleAdmin

AmazonSimpleAdmin allows users to effortlessly embed Amazon products into their WordPress posts. This can be done by using [asa]ASIN[/asa] tags. This plugin also supports template use.

With this plugin you can integrate Amazon products into your site. You can use the template feature to present the products in diverse styles on different pages. All this is possible by simply typing BBCode tags. This plugin requires PHP5.

Some of the primary features of this plugin include ease of use with BBCode tags, design your own product templates, supports country codes of all Amazon web service, use Amazon tracking ID for money making, and many more.

The features collections enable you to define and manage sets of products as a collection. You can even display them on a page with only one BBCode tag.

14. MyBookTable

MyBookTable is a WordPress Plugin that is used by authors to sell more books. With this plugin, you can have a bookstore that will be linked to online bookstores where visitors can buy your books. It makes your individual book pages look amazing.

Some of the features of MyBookTable plugin are: Social Media Integration, Beautiful Buy Buttons, Featured Book Widget, and Mobile Responsive.

15. Amazon Related Products

The Amazon Related Products plugin allows users to add contextual products of Amazon into their WordPress blog based on tags or defined keywords. With this plugin in your possession, you can now monetize your blog by adding Amazon contextual products to your posts and pages. You can add products as well as images automatically, along with adding titles and prices. You can even use shortcodes and widgets based on the tags attached to the content.

The Amazon products will never expire, as they are displayed in real time. This plugin allows multiple ads per page. The products can be added either automatically, or, by manually, using shortcodes or widgets.

– Ady Sachdeva


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