Top 5 jQuery Plugins

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Posted 4 years ago


Top 5 jQuery PluginsA designer cannot underestimate the significance of jQuery, which plays a vital role in multiple ways, like in client-side scripting of HTML, in simplifying Ajax, animation and event handling etc.

jQuery plugins are essential for Javascript frameworks, and this plays a key function in designing and development of websites. Designers should keep some of the top-rated and free plugins on hand.

Out of the many plugins, the top 5 jQuery plugins are listed below:

Responsive jQuery Lightbox Plugin : Magnific Poupup

For a user with any device, one jQuery plugin that is worth using is the Magnific Popup, a responsive jQuery lightbox plugin. It is available for free, and it does not ask its user to define the size via JS option. The user is free to use relative units like EM’s or one can resize a lightbox with the help of CSS media queries. There is no need for additional stylesheets, scripts or libraries and the user can update content inside a lightbox without worrying about resizing.


Another free jQuery plugin designers is Retinize, which helps in upscaling images. This results in perfect display that fits correctly on retina screens, and delivers a better viewing experience for users. Users who do not want to store an upscaled version in a pixel art can get the most out of it.

Mixit Up

For enjoying animated filtering functions and for finding help in categorizing and ordering content, MixItUp can play a valuable role. It’s a light-weight, but powerful jQuery plugin that works very well, even with existing HTML and CSS. There will be no problem for  designers in using this plugin whether they have fluid or responsive layouts.

The present generation jgraphic designers are more comfortable with a plugin like MixItUp as it suits CSS3-ready browsers well. It’s responsive plugin works very well with any sort of device, be it smartphones or tablets.

jQuery Migrate

Many of those lengthy methods that made graphic designing a long process for designers are removed and made simpler in Version 1.9 of jQuery. But as these new changes may break existing websites, a plugin to resolve that issue is the jQuery Migrate plug-in. Its main function is to restore functionality and gives the designer the ability to rewrite code to remove deprecated references.

Digital Slideshow

This is a plugin available for free and is ideal for commercial animation projects.

– Ady Sachdeva


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