Top 5 Reasons To Use A CMS (Content Management System) For Your Website

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Posted 4 years ago

Top 5 Reasons To Use A CMS (Content Management System) For Your Website First off, let me define CMS for everybody:

CMS stands for Content Management System. In short,  it’s about having a website that you can modify yourself, without your having to constantly hire web experts.

Your website may look like any other website, although, once an editor or manager logs in, they will be able to update inventory, change menu links (with just a few clicks), add items to the calendar, change prices for products, add or remove images, and much more.

A CMS allows the user to easily publish, add, delete or edit content within their website(s).

No one wants a static website in this ever-changing business climate. And the autonomy that a CMS brings to a business allows for a myriad of exciting website ideas to be put into action, in a nearly instantaneous fashion.

Content Management Systems are for websites big and small, and in between:

If you have a more sophisticated or larger site the open source CMS Drupal would be excellent for you. (Sony Music, The White House, and The Economist, are three dazzling examples of Drupal)

WordPress is another great CMS choice. WordPress, being a free and open source blogging tool and CMS system (based on PHP and MySQL) is conveniently available and offered by practically every web hosting service. The highly reputable and long-standing web presence provider (since 1995) MateMedia Inc. (, help their clients navigate WordPress with tutorials as well as working closely with clients through email and phone support.

According to Wikipedia, as of August 2013, WordPress is used by over 18.9% of the top 10 million websites!

Other CMS options:

b2Evolution, Geeklog, LifeType, Joomla, Nucleus, Movable Type, Live Journal, and TypePad.

All will have to be customized up front and tweaked as you make changes to accomplish the objectives you seek for your own website.

Now here are the Top 5 Reasons To Use A CMS For Your Website:

1. Easy to Modify

A Content Management System (CMS) can, in many cases, eliminate the need to outsource changes to technical support, which allows you to make your own changes as and when, per requirement.

2. Assists in the growth of your business

Your business is growing and it’s needs changing, and a good Content Management System (CMS) will prove to be flexible enough to keep up with the forward motion at which your business is propelling; quickly and easily.

3. Get your site up and running rapidly

A Content Management System (CMS) website can be up and running quickly compared to other options (that all have myriad drawbacks and cons; that might not be SEO friendly; that may not be developer friendly; that might not work straight off the shelf; etc.).

4. Easy creation and management of web content

As touched on earlier, you can be taught how to create and manage web content. And it can be done in a relatively short space of time, which will allow you to make changes quickly and efficiently.

5. Return on investment

The return on investment (ROI) for the Content Management System you choose for your site has impressive numbers. There are many valuable changes in the implementation of a Content Management System, which aren’t fully recognized and appreciated until the CMS is actually ‘live’.

Sure, there’s a lot more to do, but in essence, the website for your business becomes your canvas – like an artist you will choose from your virtual palette and paint your website to be a masterpiece.

Using a Content Management System has become par for the course in the business world and a most wise investment.

– Rich Casale

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