Top 5 Reasons why it’s Important to use Facebook to Promote Your Business

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Posted 4 years ago

5 Top Reasons why it's Important to use Facebook to Promote Your Business


1. INFLUENCE: What tops our list is how influential Facebook is. What a force it has become as 1 new business page is created about every 3 seconds. Staggering. Facebook business pages have a monstrously immense social advantage inasmuch as they allow anyone to build thriving communities of totally dedicated fans. All it depends upon is your topic; (business, brand, esoteric passion, you name it!) you can tally up very quickly the number of ‘likes’, and in kind you will be getting the word out about your business.

The intensity and mass appeal madness of Facebook has shown that Facebook business pages can be fine-tuned, tapping in on critical components that make a viral fan page explode. The same surefire techniques that fire community passions can be applied to businesses.

2. SOCIAL REACH: Surely being familiar with the aesthetics of any performance based advertising campaigns, that always begin with 1.) You don’t know until you test the waters 2.) you measure what filters through and optimize accordingly. You’ll recognize campaign performance terms especially if you have the experience of doing display advertising. However, keep in mind: This is Facebook we are talking about. Facebook has become the Golden Goose of social networking.

Facebook ads are specifically different. Different in the sheer numbers of individual people who were presented your ad (or sponsored story). Reach is important for measuring just how many people actually had the opportunity to view your ad. And you don’t want that Reach to be too small as Facebook targeting can be incredibly valuable for getting the attention of those likely to buy your product. The Social Reach of Facebook business ads is absolutely phenomenal, both in scope and breadth. And well worth investing serious capital in. And the frequency with which you run your ads and setting up precise intervals or cycles to review/renew what your ads are capitalizing on, is key.

3. SPACE: Facebook is unique enough to give you ample space with which to leave an indelible impression on your Page visitors. If you pay close and wise attention to your Cover image, Profile image and About section you can cram in the right amount of information via your ads in all the right places. And you’ll want to achieve a balance with your uploaded images that allow you to proportion out just the right percent of text vs. pixels.

The biggest pep talk we can give you on why Space literally talks on Facebook is in Your Cover. Your cover should virtually talk. The Cover image that you place on Facebook is like in the game of Monopoly: Prime real estate!

It is the first thing your Page visitors will notice. Your cover should express who you are as a business Just at a glance your Page visitors should understand what your business is about. Remember that like a Facebook post that ages and continually devalues, the Space that your business ad occupies needs to be refreshed as well to keep from becoming stale and obsolete.

4. TARGETING: Figure out where your target market is and focus on the platform(s) that will reflect the highest pay off for your business. The Facebook platform provides for many options to Target and gives you an extreme level of flexibility that you can use to continually sharpen your Targeting edge further. Another point to make about Targeting is that Facebook is absolutely, without a sliver of a doubt, fantastically tremendous at Targeting your ads to precisely the individuals who should see them. And if you configure your business ad campaign the right way to make this happen, it doesn’t take long before the good times start to roll.


Spending nearly one hour per day, per user, on Facebook. That’s a lot of time and a whole lotta’ Facebook!

Don’t you think that your company can grab a bit of consumer attention?

If you were to spend an hour walking around in a shopping mall that had a gigantic billboard for ‘(insert brand name here)’ jeans, I am sure you would at some point in your shopping day, start to consider a nifty purchase of some new pants. And you would want to know just where that store is in the mall that sells that brand!

So has your business arrived at the conclusion that Facebook may just be the place for your business ad campaign(s)?

As with Facebook these days, the odds are forever in your favor!

– Rich Casale

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