Top 5 WordPress Affiliate Plugins

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Posted 4 years ago


Top 5 WordPress Affiliate PluginsTake advantage of the popularity of your WordPress site, and simultaneously safeguard your links from hijacking with the help of WordPress affiliate plugins. Not only do they shorten the links, they also show advanced stats of visitors who click your affiliate link.

Here are the top 5 WordPress affiliate plugins:

1. Easy Affiliate

Easy Affiliate is an auto-affiliate plugin that generates quick money. This easy to use plugin turns every clicked affiliate link into money. It lets users cash in on over 3,000 affiliate partners. You can also monitor your link clickthroughs and conversions using this plugin. All you need is a WordPress account. The plugin comes free of cost. It has received good reviews from users because of its performance and user-friendliness.

2. AffiLinker Affiliate

This mind-blowing plugin automatically converts the provided set of keywords into search engine friendly affiliate links (+colorful interactive links) throughout your blog. It’s available in two versions: Free and Pro. Some of the features of the free version of AffiLinker Affiliate include customization of every affiliate link with distinct style bold or, italics, creation of non-indexable search engine friendly affiliate links, putting restrictions on certain blog posts/pages from not showing affiliate links, and more. A major drawback in the free version is that it lets you manage just three affiliate links. In the pro version you can manage an unlimited number of affiliate links and keywords. With the pro version, you can also set priority on keywords so that the plugin gets them targeted first. There’s a wealth of features in the paid version, so it’s beneficial to go ‘Pro’.

3. Affiliates

If you want to maintain an affiliate marketing program, all you need is the Affiliates plugin. This plugin offers free integration with eCommerce plugins such as eShop, Jigoshop, and WooCommerce. It offers an affiliate system for sellers, shops and developers wishing to kick off their affiliate program instantly. Besides tracking the links and their performance, the Affiliates plugin also features an unlimited affiliate management section, and automated affiliate registration.

4. Shutterstock Affiliate Plugin

Refer Shutterstock and earn money by using the Shutterstock Affiliate Plugin on your WordPress site. This plugin automatically shows relevant images by detecting the keywords in your content. It also displays the results of image searches from Shutterstock inside your WordPress website. You can earn commissions on every image that is sold via your affiliate link. To get started, become a member at Shutterstock and register for its affiliate program. You will get an API key to use this plugin. Thanks to the newly added caching functionality that has reduced the loading time of the images for a faster user experience.

5. WP Auto Affiliate Links

The WP Auto Affiliate Links plugin lets users add affiliate links and associate them with keywords mentioned in the content of their site. It offers a “Settings” menu category in the administration page. After you add the links, mention one or more keywords for each. The plugin will automatically add them when a page is seen, without modifying the database. You may select/deselect links nofollow or dofollow, and open in a new page, or same page options, according to your choice.

You can install all of these plugins from your WordPress admin panel, just as you install other plugins.

– Ady Sachdeva


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