Top 5 WordPress Business Directory Themes

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Posted 4 years ago


Top 5 WordPress Business Directory ThemesDo you want to start your own business directory using WordPress?

In this article we’ll share with you the top 5 WordPress Business Directory Themes.

These themes are good for creating local or online directories. Below are some of the best WordPress Business Directory Themes and Plugins that you can select for your directory website:

Vantage WordPress Theme

The Vantage WordPress Theme, is a very common and widely used WordPress directory theme serving multiple purposes. The best part about this theme is that it’s flexible, fully responsive, and retina ready. This means that the theme works fine on mobile phones and tablets as well. And there is no need to install any other plugin while accessing it on your mobile.

The tight integration of the Vantage theme with some powerful plugins is its primary strength. The plugins that Vantage bonds with include Page Builder, MetaSlider and WooCommerce.

While Page Builder helps in getting responsive page layouts, MetaSlider is used to create big beautiful sliders. And conversely, WooCommerce plugin helps in online selling. This plugin can be used to start portfolios, business sites or online stores as well.

Vantage is a very simple and hassle free theme. It aids in creating the perfect directory website that you’ll love to have. This theme provides single city options only.

Vantage has many interesting features, some of which are listed below:

  • Vantage provides a Single Listing Details Page, where every necessary detail that a business or a firm would like to feature on a page is offered.  For instance, contact info, social links, location, and pictures. By using custom fields, you can also add further information.
  • It offers powerful pricing plans, which helps users fix multiple pricing plans.  With this plan, you can charge extra money for features on the homepage and elsewhere.
  • Vantage also offers Google Maps integration, which some directories do require for providing the location of the business. With a location finder map, it’s easy to find the exact location of a business.
  • Another feature of Vantage is Responsive Design, which helps you to automatically change the layout for optimal viewing on any device.
  • SEO Optimized is another interesting feature of Vantage, as this is provided keeping in mind SEO considerations. With this feature on, you simply do not have to worry about site optimization.
  • The User Dashboard, which every member receives, can be used to mark listings based on current status. The current status can be either active, pending or expired.

Directory WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a complete solution for a Business Directory WordPress website, then you must consider the Directory WordPress theme. This theme was created using feedback from real directory owners. This theme is perfect everyone who wants to create and run a successful online business.

This new platform is best because it comprises a parent theme, a huge choice of child themes, and numerous plugins. Not only that, the Directory WordPress theme is the most advanced directory theme ever created. It possesses abundant custom features and is trusted by many.

Some of the various features of Directory WordPress theme are mentioned below:

  • The Directory WordPress theme easily Manages Countries and Cities. The best part of this directory is that it has over 200 preloaded countries. This makes it very easy to start a global directory. This theme is also powered by Google Maps.
  • The Directory WordPress theme also monetizes the website. The chief benefit of this WordPress theme is that you can charge for content submission with the help of variable price packages. It also eases the issues of setting up recurring payments and even sells event tickets. It also creates coupons, and much more.
  • The availability of the Directory Plugin is another benefit of the Directory WordPress theme. By means of this plugin, you can Add the “Listing” post type. You also can add multiple widgets for displaying content on the homepage. This theme is equipped with settings that can control a single city as well as several maps.
  • The Directory WordPress theme can also create and manipulate content. With this theme, you can very well and easily create as well as control every single detail being presented on the site. Visitors can submit content with the help of front-end submission forms.

GeoCraft Business City Directory Theme

Another popular directory theme is the Geocraft business city directory theme. The distinguishing feature of this theme is that it aids in building a listing website for a certain niche. With this theme in place, you can setup a WordPress directory of your own in just minutes. This theme is especially good for those who want to use it for earning money online. By spending a small amount of money once, you can get a profitable website quickly.

Some of the important features of this theme are noted below:

  • The Geocraft business city directory theme offers great SEO options. With this theme in place, you need not worry about SEO. This theme will help your website rank well on search engines.
  • With the Geocraft business city directory theme, you can also use Google Maps Integration. Moreover, It’s easy for your users to add the location of their business.
  • Another important feature of Geocraft is that it offers Responsive Design. Being a fully responsive theme, this WordPress directory theme will automatically adjust for different screens. It will automatically look good over tablets and mobile phones.
  • The Multiple Monetization Tools available in the Geocraft business city directory theme enables you to make money.  You can charge for listing fees and also charge for normal listings to your users. You can also charge per listing image. Not only this, you can sell membership packages for your website too.
  • The Multiple Color Schemes is another popular feature of this theme. The Geocraft theme is equipped with multiple color schemes. This way you can choose and set your favorite color on your directory website.

Spotfinder WordPress Directory Theme

When it comes to listings, there can be no other directory but Spotfinder. In fact, Spotfinder is the ultimate choice for listings. Being a versatile, location-based directory theme, you can use it to list almost anything. Since the Spotfinder directory theme features customizable search fields, you can very well create custom forms and fields with the help of this theme. Moreover, Spotfinder can also be used for listing almost anything.

Here are some of the more popular features of Spotfinder:

  • Spotfinder features customizable search fields, which helps in creating custom forms and fields. This feature can be used to list anything. Spofinder is also packed with a custom built front-end submission system.
  • It features a custom cart and PayPal integration. With these you can allow your users to submit their own listings. You can also allow them to add extra images, more tags, and custom fields.
  • Spotfinder helps you filter and find your next property and to sell one too.
  • There is a drag and drop interface feature as well associated with this theme.
  • Other features include user notifications, a responsive design, Facebook login, Google Maps integration, and 5 dummy sites.

Glocal WordPress Directory Theme

Last but not the least, the Glocal Directory theme is a responsive WordPress Directory. This theme presents a wide range of features. These features enable you to create listings of companies and to explain them as per category. You can also categorize listings on the basis of location.

Popular features of Glocal:

  • The best feature of Glocal is that it enables you to create a listing of companies and illustrate them as per category on a map.
  • PayPal Integration is another feature of this theme. This feature enables easy payments and secures transactions.
  • The Glocal theme is fitted with Slider Revolution. That is a $15 plugin that comes free with this theme, which helps in creating beautiful sliders, and makes the website dynamic.
  • Glocal is a 100%, fully responsive theme, and can be viewed over all devices and is also easy to use.

Now that you know about the top 5 WordPress Business Directory Themes, you can choose the one that suits your business or website best.

– Ady Sachdeva


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