Top 5 WordPress Restaurant Themes

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Top 5 WordPress Restaurant ThemesIf you are the owner of a restaurant or if you run a café, coffee shop or any other eating joint, it’s necessary for you to have an online presence for your eatery.

With WordPress, creating a responsive website for your restaurant with a professional and appealing look is easy and affordable.

By purchasing and using a professional theme, you can upgrade and enhance the look and feel of your restaurant’s online presence.

Here are the top 5 restaurant themes:


Though very simple, the design of the Feast theme possesses many advanced features. The theme has as many as ten unique color schemes and an interesting template for the Facebook fan page of your restaurant. Once you install this theme, you will not have to install a separate table reservation system for your website.

It has well documented and optimized code.

The availability of the Facebook fan page template is another great feature of this theme.

The Feast theme offers custom widgets for extra functionality.

The best part about this theme is the reservation system that has all the features you’ll need. In addition, the Feast also offers great after sales support. In the current scenario where social media plays such a great role in spreading news and views, the presence of your restaurant in the social media circuit is also very important. As a whole, the Feast theme is a wonderful WordPress restaurant theme.

Fork Bite

Fork Bite is a well prepared theme with a “feel good” look on the page. The theme has been designed in such a way, that the ordering of its widgets is extremely convenient, thereby making it very easy for the administrator to monitor. Additionally, the color and the motion of the theme are also amazingly good.

  • The Fork Bite theme has the advantage of the Layer Slider.
  • Recipe Management is another interesting feature of this theme.
  • Gallery Management, Slider Management and Sidebar Management are all important features of this theme.
  • In addition, Fork Bite has features such as Powerful Theme Options + Page Builder.

Along with fine dining, the Fork Bite theme can also be used for any other type of food business. The theme presents a number of different menu layouts and recipe pages. In addition, the Fork Bite theme offers 8 pre-designed color schemes and theme options panel. It also features recipe management, gallery management, slider, page builder, Google fonts, custom widgets and much more.

My Cuisine

Another unique and very interesting theme is the the My Cuisine theme. This is one of the best WordPress Restaurant Themes. This theme comes from Elegant Themes and is designed for restaurants, cafes and other similar businesses. The best part of this theme is that it can be adopted well for other kinds of business websites too. This refined theme has 5 unique color schemes. Along with that it also possesses custom menu and location page templates. Other qualities like a comprehensive theme options panel and shortcodes and many other interesting things are available with this restaurant theme.

  • The features of this classy theme include the option of 5 unique color schemes.
  • A Menu page template is another feature that allows the display of a list of products separated by categories.
  • A Location page template is another such feature along with complete localisation.

This theme offers a drop down navigation menu.

The My Cuisine theme presents optional blog style structure. Even though it’s best use is a s a CMS, it can also operate as a standard blog. The advanced theme options panel of this theme gives you complete control over your theme and its various settings. This theme also boasts a large collection of shortcodes for buttons, content boxes, toggled content, tabbed content, slideshows, social media, column layouts, tooltips and many more.

Dine & Drink

Dine & Drink is another fully Responsive Restaurant WordPress Theme. This theme offers unlimited color schemes and 3 menu styles. This theme works well with any kind of restaurant along such as coffee shops, bakeries, pizza shops, diners and others.

  • The primary feature of this theme is the fully customize and unlimited color scheme of the theme
  • It also features a header and background image uploader
  • You have 3 amazing food menu styles with pricing, food menu Badge/Icon, and a fully responsive design
  • The Dine and Drink theme also presents admin theme options

Dine and Drink is a mobile equipped restaurant WordPress theme. This theme is equipped with 5 example layout settings. These five settings are meant for Salad Restaurants, Pasta and Spaghetti, Coffee Shop or Café, Bakery, Cake, Fine Dining. The 4 colour schemes are specially meant for Mexican, Japanese / Sushi, Pizza, and Ice Cream.

The theme also offers fully customizable color schemes to suit your business, including features like 3 food menu styles, food menu badge and open hour widget. It also offers options for reservations, additional pricing and Google Maps.


Designed exclusively for restaurants, the Redminton theme, with its numerous enhancements, makes it extremely easy for people to create and run a great website for their restaurant. The theme has many unique color and layout schemes. This makes it easy for restaurant owners to match their web presence to the appearance and décor of their restaurant, both in terms of color and design. The primary significance of this theme lies in its menu options. It;s important for restaurant websites to offer easy ways to get their menu online, and with the Redminton theme, you can easily do this.

  • Among its features, Redminton combined with Google maps offers a powerful interface to easily find the location of the restaurant.
  • Redminton also includes a contact form. With this form people can make reservations far in advance.
  • Additionally, the color of this theme can be customized in all regards, including the text color, the link color, and the menu labels color and so on.
  • Another benefit of this theme is that it’s easy to include advertisements. So, in case you want to post ads and earn money from your website you can do that easily.
  • With Redminton you can also add Google Analytics code, which allows you to track the success of your website in attracting visitors.

Redminton is a truly nice theme for your restaurant, especially if you want to determine whether your website is doing well or not in terms of visitors. You can also check if your website needs any changes to make it more appealing. You have the option of removing pages from the menu in your site if you do not offer a particular item anymore. You can also add new pages to the existing menu.

The above five are some of the best WordPress restaurant themes. By applying any of these themes, you can quickly and easily create a professional and eye-catching website for your restaurant.

– Ady Sachdeva


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