Top 5 WordPress Themes To Showcase Your App

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Posted 4 years ago


Top 5 WordPress Themes To Showcase Your AppApps are an integral part of life for most of us these days. We use apps for various purposes in our smartphones and laptops. There are people who develop these apps for iOS, Android, and the web. Once you build an app, it’s important to showcase it to those who would be interested in buying and using your app.

You might create a professional and unique app, but unless it reaches your potential customers, your work will not be appreciated. So it’s your responsibility to showcase your app to consumers, and for this you can use the help of a website or blog.

The use of blogs and websites has become an effective way to promote your app these days, and with the availability of some premium WordPress themes the task becomes further easy. By using these WordPress themes, you can reduce the time it takes  to design a website to showcase your app. WordPress themes, with their great quality and reliability, are a popular choice when it comes to themes.

Here in this article, we’ll discuss the top 5 WordPress themes which offer the best ways to showcase your app. These themes will definitely help App Developers instantly build a wonderful display for their latest app.

Below are the top 5 WordPress themes to showcase apps:

Publisher WordPress Theme

The Publisher WordPress Theme is one of the best and most comprehensive WordPress themes. Used for showcasing various apps, this theme will enable you to display digital products and eBooks as well. You can also sell your app with the help of Publisher. The best part is that this theme also comes with free Tevolution plugins.


  • The best part of Publisher WordPress Theme is the free Tevolution plugins that come along with this theme.
  • The Publisher theme features a responsive and masonry-style layout, thereby it can be used in mobiles, laptops, and everything in between.
  • The themes’ design can adapt to any screen without losing out on the usability and integrity of the design.
  • All the features of the Publisher theme are adjusted, so that web, as well as mobile users can use it perfectly.

The Publisher WordPress Theme is most suitable for book authors as well as publishers of digital product. With the help of this theme, they can very well represent and display their creative work in the form of eBooks, DVDs, Audio CDs, Paintings and so on. Moreover, the design and the support system of this theme are placed well, which a premium theme should have. The Publisher theme was designed with an eye towards simplicity and usability.

Encore WordPress Theme

Encore is a fully responsive WordPress theme. This one-page product showcase WordPress theme is sleek and has the required attitude. Encore possesses a full screen homepage section. It also offers an AJAX newsletter sign up form with built-in support for Campaign Monitor and MailChimp. In addition it has an AJAX contact form, a blog and tons of styling options.


  • Encore presents more than 200 options. Encore features a Foundry theme options panel that offers the required control for your theme.
  • With this panel, you can set color, font, pattern and slider animation in your theme.
  • The responsive layout of the theme adapts in a way that fits many devices including mobile and desktop.
  • Also, with Encore, you can create unlimited skins with unlimited combinations.

Encore is the best WordPress theme for anyone who wants to display their product or service in style. This theme is extensively documented and offers a great parallax effect on the homepage.

Rocking Parallax iPhone App Showcase

The Rocking Parallax is another one-page theme for showcasing iPhone Apps. This modern and easy-to-use theme can be used to promote and sell your latest apps. With the Rocking Parallax iPhone App Showcase, you can present a Parallax Scrolling Effect on your app showcase website. You can also use the number of design elements and customize the layout combination of your website to showcase your apps.


  • The Rocking Parallax iPhone App Showcase offers HTML 5 and is symphony integrated.
  • The theme presents many more options to manage content.
  • The theme offers a Parallax Effect and is Cross Browser Compatible.
  • The theme features a Modern UI and is easy to customize.

The Rocking Parallax iPhone App Showcase is an awesome theme that offers easily customizable, one-page, iPhone App Showcase. It’s current and lively, as well as astonishing, perfect for your next iPhone App. This is a professionally designed theme with which you can sell and publicise your app. It offers plenty of design elements and numerous layout combinations.


The AppifyWP Theme is used to showcase apps developed for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac. AppifyWP is ideal for every app developer who wants to promote a single app in a stunningly created website, in a short period of time.


  • AppifyWP presents multi-platform and hybrid app support, because this theme works on single as well as multi-platform apps easily.
  • AppifyWP presents unending choices to customise the site with the help of a custom settings page, fitted in the theme, especially for app developers.
  • AppifyWP presents mobile optimized, responsive design, and has built-in social links.
  • This theme let you showcase your app with a slideshow or video.  It offers a spam-free Ajax contact form.
  • Other features like sticky sidebar with widgets is also available with this theme.

AppifyWP is a professional theme that helps set up an attractive and usable site very quickly and easily. This theme will help save lots of money for app developers who can create professional looking sites to showcase their app.

Crealand WordPress Theme

Crealand is a unique theme that is mainly used by start-ups. In fact, new and emerging businesses will find this theme very useful and handy. The best advantage of this theme is that it comes with responsive design, and offers video support. In addition, other features like pop-up/slide out login and registration/sign up forms are also available with this theme. You can also use a rotating twitter feed and many other interesting features of this theme.


  • Crealand offers responsive slider and video support.
  • It’s equipped with a slide-out menu and social media integration.
  • It also possesses a share button, custom contact pages and is Google Maps integrated.
  • With Crealand, you can also have Facebook comments on your site.

Crealand is a nicely designed, persuasive WordPress theme, that serves businesses and individuals well. With this theme, you can promote applications, ebooks, and subscriptions. Along with being a fully responsive web design theme, it also has other responsive elements like the responsive slider.

The above are some of the most sought after and best themes that will allow app developers to showcase their apps well. You can choose the best theme for youfrom the above to display your latest app to the world.

– Ady Sachdeva


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