Top 6 Design Mockup Tools For iOS Apps

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Posted 4 years ago


Top Design Mockup Tools For iOS AppsHere are our top design mockup tools for iOS Apps:

Creately iPhone Mock-Ups

Creately is an iPhone mockup toolkit that comes complete with everything like iPhone objects, iPhone mockup templates and some drawing tools to make the process of creating iPhone mock-ups easy. It has more than 30 iPhone specific objects for realistic designs; contextual tool bars with easy to use interfaces, easy switching to the text editor for modifying objects, individual object customization, readymade iPhone mock-up templates for instant use, and it quickly responds to clients and teams through collaboration tools.

Balsamiq Mockups

This is one useful tool with drag and drop features that works well in both Windows and Mac operating systems. The four qualities which make Balsamiq Mockups the one of the top-picked tools are: It’s fast, easy, efficient and helpful. Besides Drag & Drop Simplicity, Balsamiq Mockups feature quick adding of wireframes using the keyboard, creating templates, masters and re-usable component libraries; UI Components & Icons and Click-Through Prototypes.

Adobe Illustrator

This is a product from the house of Adobe, the name that almost every person on this earth is aware of.  Adobe Illustrator has a new Touch Type tool which lets the user enjoy more control and ease in designing. This feature makes moving, scaling and rotating the individual characters easy, and also the content font can be changed or copied at any time. With the Illustrator CC you can share work directly from within the application. The colors can be synched with Adobe Kuler. Save your entire creative work in the Creative Cloud. You can place multiple files at once in the editing pane with full control to edit. The automatically generated CSS codes too are easy and quick to be copied and pasted.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop, another product from the Adobe family, is  known to many people, and that has also led to a wide demand for the Adobe Photoshop Mockup tool. Although this tool does not suit the iOS screen flow design, still, its popularity has made it a useful tool. Just one negative feature of this tool is that it doesn’t offer vector arts. The top new features of the tool include 3D editing and image analysis tools, camera shake reduction, Photoshop CC, smart sharpen, intelligent upsampling, automatic and real-time image asset generation, camera raw 8 and layer support and Adobe Generator.


OmniGraffle is another good deign Mockup tool for iOS apps which is available only for Mac users. The good thing about this tool is that it has many basic stencils, and out of those, some stencils can be downloaded to design for mobile as well. There are powerful styling tools for creating flow charts, diagrams, UI and UX interactions, and more. Whether it’s the OmniGraffle and OmniGraffle Pro, for a quick sketch or an epic technical figure, this is a great tool. With OmniGraffle you can do many things, like making a rough draft of a new app, creating Graffle documents with useful gizmos and gadgets, use many other features such as layers, canvases, shapes, lines, pictures and lots more. What’s more, this tool is useful in creating a User Interface for any screen.

Home – Pencil Project

This tool has a beautiful sketchy style. At present, the latest version of this tool available for installation is 2.0.5 (with minor enhancements and bug-fixes). The features of this tool include easy GUI prototyping, built-in shape collections, diagram drawing support, inter-page linking and many more useful features.

– Ady Sachdeva


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