Top Carrier Verizon Expands Clientele By 1.7 Million In 2013’s Q4

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Posted 4 years ago


Top Carrier, Verizon, Expands Clientele By 1.7 Million In 2013's Q4 The last quarter of 2013 turned out terrifically for the United States’ top carrier, Verizon Wireless. 1.7 million customers have exponentially expanded the client base, coming aboard in the waning months of 2013.

The wireless division of the company accounted for $21.1 billion in business earnings for the year of 2013.

The total count for Verizon Wireless subscribers stands at a whopping new high of 102.8 million.

Verizon boasts that it has 97 percent of the total population of the United States covered by its LTE network.

In the last quarter of 2013, alone, Verizon stated that new LTE devices totaling 9 million were activated (that amount includes tablets, smartphones, and other devices).

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