Top Security Firm Kaspersky Lab Compromised By Hackers

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Posted 2 years ago


Adult Dating Site Hacked - Thousands Of Customer Records Leaked OnlineOne of the world’s most well known cyber-security firms has made the recent admission that it had been hacked.

Kaspersky Lab, based in Russia, revealed the news that hackers had gotten into their system in order to find out more about its newer technologies.

They detected the intrusion earlier in the spring, and found that the cyberattack was comprised of three techniques they had never seen before.

The malware involved doesn’t write any files to the disk, but instead takes up residence in the computer’s memory.

It was then spread using Microsoft Software Installer files, more commonly used by IT staff to log in remotely to computers in order to install other programs.

Microsoft programs appear to be the weapon of choice in these attacks; a previous series of Trojan attacks referred to as Duqu struck in 2011 used Word as its way into several targets.

The concern held by Kaspersky is that this latest breach was intended to strike at the heart of targets associated with continued talks between Iran and Western nations.

Eugene Kaspersky, the firm’s CEO, in a statement spoke to the company’s determined approach despite the news: “The only way to protect the world is to have law enforcement agencies and security companies fighting such attacks openly. We will always report attacks regardless of their origin.”

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