Toronto Continues Attempts To Block Uber

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Posted 2 years ago


Uber Looks To Acquire Nokia’s Digital Mapping Service HereThe vastly popular on-demand car service Uber is resuming its fight to continue business within Canada’s most populous city.

On Monday, a court in Toronto, Canada heard case file CV-14-516288 which was brought against the San Francisco-based company by the city. They want an injunction against Uber until it and all their drivers are licensed.

While Mayor John Tory is supportive of Uber as part of the contemporary life in metropolitan areas, the city wants Uber regulated. For its part, Uber is dealing with this situation on a global scale as the legality of their app and operations are under scrutiny.

The hearing brought a multitude of taxi drivers into the courtroom to hear the proceedings while outside, a sizable protest was taking place in a two-fold manner.

One group of taxi drivers parked three-deep outside of the city hall and honked their horns incessantly, as others drove through the downtown business district in a procession held at a snail’s pace holding up traffic.

Drivers were upset with the company’s more budget-friendly UberX service where drivers were unlicensed but able to used their own cars.

Uber wasn’t too thrilled with the protests, with their Canadian spokesperson Susan Heath stating the following: “Rather than blocking roads and preventing people from getting where they need to be, we’re focused on meeting the needs of Toronto’s riders and drivers, who are all too often left out of the debate.”

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