Town Changes Taxi Rules To Shut Uber Out

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Posted 2 years ago


Uber Looks To Acquire Nokia’s Digital Mapping Service HereIt turns out that Uber is now even facing dislike from the highly sophisticated crowd.

The town board of East Hampton, New York made the recent decision to change its existing taxicab licensing procedural rules to state that every cab company must have a physical office within the town itself.

The move has prompted Uber to issue a statement this past Friday, stating that they would effectively end their operations in the area immediately.

They would also cease offering cars on demand in the Montauk area as well.

Matt Wing spoke on the San Francisco-based company’s behalf, saying: “There is an unquestionable need and demand for Uber in the Hamptons because taxi service has been historically unreliable.”

He went on to say that the town board’s decisions made it highly difficult to continue operations.

Uber has seen a great deal of demand out in this tony area of Long Island; the average taxi ride in terms of duration is up to three times longer than one taken within New York City, which is a revenue boom for the company and its drivers.

Uber isn’t taking the news lying down however.

They’ve urged riders in an e-mail to contact the town supervisor to complain.

So far the office has reported that they’ve received about 100 phone calls and 600 emails.

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