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YMG-math-symbol-keyboardHave you ever wondered where failed startups go to when they run out of fuel and ideas?

One new website looks to answer that question and shed a little light on what happened to them.

The new website is called, and it essentially is a comprehensive list of all failed startup companies.

Every failed startup listed is presented on a spreadsheet-style list, detailing reasons as to why they were unsuccessful along with basic information like their company idea and a link to an article explaining their demise. came into existence thanks to a conversation between the co-founders, Niral Patel and Matthew Davies. Davies, who is a co-founder of the Milc web agency, was watching his partner having to deal with her clothing company begin to fold.

He didn’t really consider doing a listing until Patel, who works with the Sameroom startup, approached him to see if there was anything new they could work on in terms of projects.

They wrote the code for the website but forgot about it until making it live this past Friday.

Patel spoke to the press regarding the launch and their amazement at finding and listing these companies.

He went on to comment on their findings, saying: “There are just so many people building things that they don’t have a customer for. It’s like, this is ridiculous! When you see them all at once, I can’t believe this many startups got funded.”

As for the name Autopsy?

The duo originally wanted to entitle the site “Sh– Startup” but opted instead to go with a more clever name so as not to cause offense to these companies.

Currently the site has already attracted 40,000 visitors.

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