Tracking Protection By Firefox Improves Performance

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Posted 2 years ago


Mozilla Patches Firefox Encryption FlawA new tech industry paper has found that a new optional feature that accompanies the popular Firefox website has a great impact on its performance.

The Tracking Protection feature, when enabled by users, saw the loading time for news websites in the 200 top Alexa news site listings cut by 44 percent in terms of pages.

In addition, there was a registered 39 percent reduction in data usage leading to the faster loading time.

According to Monica Chew, a former software engineer with Mozilla, this feature has a significant effect on performance with these news sites due to the limiting of the effects of embedded extras like advertising that they tend to employ.

Tracking Protection, which is based on information collected from the anti-tracking startup Disconnect, isn’t an automatic inclusion within Firefox; users have to follow a three-step process to enable the feature within their browser.

The feature is gaining popularity, especially among privacy advocates who previously had to contend with plug-ins that didn’t have such a positive effect on performance as this has at present.

Chew hopes that the continued success of Tracking Protection will keep investors and creators focused on the users first: “It will take a major force to disrupt this ecosystem and motivate alternative revenue models. I hope that Mozilla can be that force.”

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