Truth Be Told: Samsung Fined $340,000 Dollars

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Posted 4 years ago


Truth Be Told: Samsung Fined $340,000 DollarsLying is a bad trait. Samsung are learning this the hard way as they get walloped with a fine over $340,000 dollars. An investigation by Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) found allegations to be true, with Samsung using a third party marketing company who were hired in large numbers as hired writers and designated workers to supply false praise and negative comments about the competition Samsung faces. Two marketing firms were fined $100,000 dollars each for their part in this false scheme.

Once, shame on you; twice shame on me.

The above is an old adage that applies to Samsung as this is now the second time in this year alone that the company has engaged in what is referred to as astroturfing. And what is worse is that Samsung has come forth to say that they are transparent and honest communicators in the marketplace.


Crime doesn’t pay.

Rich Casale


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