TUTORIAL: How to add tables to WordPress without coding

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Posted 3 years ago


TUTORIAL: How to add tables to WordPress without coding With the help of a WordPress plugin, adding a table to your WordPress website has become easy. It can be done without using HTML or CSS coding. Earlier known as WP-Table Reloaded, TablePress by TobiasBg is an effective WordPress table plugin, which allows you to insert as many tables in your blog post or pages as you wish.

To start, you have to install and activate the TablePress plugin in your WordPress powered blog/website. Once done, a menu named TablePress will be added to your WordPress admin dashboard by the plugin. Now follow these steps to complete the task:

1. Go to TablePress>>Add New Table to build the first table.

2. Add important information like title and description to the table.

3. Select the number of rows and columns. (Rows and Columns field can be default since the next page allows you to add or drop rows and columns)

4. Once the data is inserted in the required field>>click on the Add Table Button.

5. Now you will reach the edit table screen. You can place table data as well as add or remove rows and columns.

6. Once the table is created, you can add the table to your posts or pages.

7. A shortcut button is also added by the TablePress plugin to the WordPress editor.

8. By clicking on the shortcut, you can see a popover appearing. Now you must select the table you want to add and click the “Insert Shortcode” button.

9. Another option is to add the shortcut manually. An unlimited number of tables can be created, all of which you can add to your WordPress posts and pages.

With the help of this plugin, you can also upload CSV, HTML, Jason, XML, and XHTML straight from your laptop or desktop to WordPress through Import tab.

– Ady Sachdeva


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