Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Says Beware Of Government Regulation

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Posted 2 years ago


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Says "We Suck At Dealing With Abuse And Trolls"The outgoing chief executive officer of Twitter, Dick Costolo, had some choice words concerning government regulation.

In a farewell interview conducted by The Guardian on his last day at the head of the social media network, Costolo expressed his feeling that regulation may be threatening to free speech and that Twitter and similar services shouldn’t be regulated like other government institutions.

Costolo went on to say: “I can’t think of an example where regulation didn’t have unintended consequences, and I’m unable to conceive of a regulatory body that will be swift enough to deal with the constantly evolving issues of ethics, communication and technology. I just don’t think it’s possible.”

His stance falls in line with that of Twitter, long regarded as a herald of the right to free speech.

The company’s detractors have argued that the stance has led to their near non-involvement when it comes to the recent rise of online bullying and abuse of others on the platform, as well as the proliferation of highly violent and dangerous extremists.

To that point, Costolo stated that Twitter has taken steps to put a halt to those using abusive language on the social media network in addition to preventing former users who’ve been blocked from regaining access.

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