Twitter Co-founder Launches Jelly, a Q&A App for Android and iOS

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Posted 4 years ago


Twitter Co-founder Launches Jelly, a Q&A App for Android and iOSTwitter co-founder Biz Stone, who left the company back in 2011, has launched his much-anticipated Q&A app Jelly, to smartphone and tablet users worldwide.

Backed by notable names including former colleagues Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams of Twitter, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, and U2 frontman Bono, Jelly is designed to let users connect with friends and friends of friends virtually to find out what is happening in their world.

“Say you’re walking along and you spot something unusual,” said an official blog post. “You want to know what it is so you launch Jelly, take a picture, circle it with your finger, and type ‘What’s this?’”

Jelly will then submit your question to friends on your existing social networks, whose job it will be to provide you with answers. You will also be able to throw in answers of your own to help out other puzzled users. Of course, this brings up the immediate problem of reliability. Are the answers given really going to be as accurate as Google? Probably not, but Stone says Jelly will be unique and more fun.

“Jelly changes how we find answers because it uses pictures and people in our social networks. It turns out that getting answers from people is very different from retrieving information with algorithms. Also, it has the added benefit of being fun.”

Where Jelly distinguishes itself from the likes of Quora is in the use of pictures and allowing people to ask questions based on real-time moments.

“We’re not asking, ‘What’s it like to be in jail for 20 years?’” said Stone. “It’s, ‘How do I set up my TiVo? Here’s the back of my TV.’”

Whether people decide to use Jelly as an alternative to simply asking questions to friends and followers over Facebook and Twitter remains to be seen; however, with Stone’s history, and employees from both Apple and Facebook on board, it certainly has the foundations in place for success.

Jelly is available to download now from iTunes and from the Google Play Store.

– Anthony Carter


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