Twitter Directs Messages Directly To Followers

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Posted 4 years ago

Twitter Directs Messages Directly To FollowersTwitter has honed in on what those who communicate privately and publicly, like journalists, have longed to be able to do with Tweets. It is irrelevant if you follow the person or not, the burgeoning social network is now proceeding to commence letting you receive Direct Messages from any of your followers. This directly addresses the old fracas of getting @-replies that expect you to follow-back so that someone can DM you info that you may likely find useless/redundant to you.

Twitter has been exploited by those who tweet like splashing colorful paint across a wide canvas in hopes that they’ll score a soon-to-be-loyal follower in exchange. Getting DMs from those who follow you promises now to be a nice, direct experience.

Just don’t forget to tick off the box on your Twitter account’s main setting panel, so you can begin reaping the benefit of this significant change right away.

Rich Casale


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