Twitter IPO Price Set

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Posted 4 years ago


Twitter IPO Price SetPundits and businessmen alike await with their eyes open wide, the initial public offering set to take place as Twitter outlines its pricing strategy: The Social Media mega giant plans to sell 70 million shares at $17 dollars to $20 dollars, each.

Not including restricted stock units and excluding options, Twitter could, if all goes as projected, be worth more than $12 billion dollars, soon enough.

As well — if all goes as planned — Twitter could outstrip the first big Internet bigwig company, AOL. It would still not be but a drop in the bucket; a fraction, of the mega huge Facebook. Facebook’s flaunts a $127 billion dollar market value.

The road show where Twitter will disclose it’s price range quotes leads off on Monday, beginning in Baltimore.

TWTR will be the ticker symbol when it begins trading, in earnest very shortly, on the New York Stock Exchange.

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