Twitter Leaves A Bitter Taste With Marketers

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Posted 4 years ago


Twitter Leaves A Bitter Taste With MarketersMarketers come out, as surveyed, with only 55% of them being satisfied who currently use Twitter. For marketer spending and marketer satisfaction, Twitter (and Facebook as well) don’t fare very well. If Twitter would provide tools and advice to marketers, as well as brainstorming new selling opportunities it would help marketers make the most of their service.

Education and guidance from Twitter seems to be lacking, also. Twitter is cited for its lack of ability to accurately gauge their marketing stratagems.

Marketers seek to use Twitter for building brand awareness and garnering loyal customers in the process. Twitter is also being asked by marketers to better relate to their potential customer base.

If Twitter can prove themselves worthy in these areas that they lack in, presently, then marketers will put more capital into both organic and paid campaigns.

Rich Casale



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