Twitter Off To A Flying Start

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Posted 4 years ago


Twitter Off To A Flying StartTwitter is used by over 230 million people worldwide.

Twitter is a major player today as it starts its first day on the stock exchange. $TWTR, as the online conversation giant is known on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) saw their stock open with $45.10; that’s a pop of 73.5% percent on the $26 dollars it was yesterday. Based on 705,098,594 fully diluted shares, the pop values Twitter at $31.8 billion dollars.

There is fierce trading and raised shouting voices on the NYSE as, at the time of this post, the stock is now about 47% percent — even getting to %50 percent and above!

Twitter executives and directors in the company’s highest echelon stand to make $3.24 billion dollars judging by the $26 dollars per share.

The market continues to attract like a magnet to a nail to Twitter.

The tweeting service is flying like a happy Tweety Bird.

Rich Casale


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