Twitter Updates iOS and Android Apps

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Posted 4 years ago


Twitter has rolled out an update for its iOS and Android apps that makes it easier for users to discover and follow along with conversations on their timeline.

Anyone that uses Twitter will know just how difficult it can be to identify and read along with an engrossing conversation, with discussions often broken up by tweets from other people that you follow. Another problem is the fact that you can only see replies from Twitter accounts that you follow, meaning you only ever get to see one side of the conversation. With the new update, conversations have now been greatly improved.

Tweets that are part of a conversation will now be connected by a blue line and shown in chronological order so that you can follow along with the discussion as it happened, making it much more like a Facebook comment thread, with newest replies at the bottom. Of course, this goes against the flow of the rest of the timeline, where newest tweets are displayed at the top, but it is all beneficial to the user.

As a user, you can still only see conversations between two people that you follow, but tapping into a conversation will allow you to see all replies, even from users that are not followed.
As well as improved conversations, Twitter announced on Wednesday that it is now possible for users to share conversations and individual tweets via email on both iOS and Android. The latter also gets the ability to share tweets over direct message.

The Android app also catches up to iOS, with users given the power to report individual tweets for abuse and spam directly from the app. Furthermore, Twitter has made the app smaller and less demanding so that it can be installed on entry-level Android smartphones.

For an introduction to the new conversations feature, check out this video from Twitter’s YouTube page.

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