Twitter’s Dip On NYSE With Shares Being Priced Too High

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Posted 4 years ago


Twitter's Dip On NYSE With Shares Being Priced Too High  With Twitter shares on the New York Stock Exchange/NYSE down already 13 percent as of Friday, today sees a precipitous drop for the company.

Today, Twitter’s shares were down 5.46 percent compared to the end of this last, past business week’s closing bell. Twitter shares were at $60.27 today.

Many analysts saw Friday’s closing price of $63.75 per share for Twitter as an omen. Twitter’s stock had been holding firm but could be seen, clearly, as overpriced and indicative of a sharp turn in events.

Editorial note:

Many a workaday person, if queried, may think it is Twitter’s simple-is-good strategy that will help it flourish and continue to survive despite the Twitter representative bird icon’s recent NYSE nosedive.

Rich Casale


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