Two Startups Partner To Take On Ticketmaster

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Posted 2 years ago


Two Startups Partner To Take On TicketmasterTicketmaster has been the pre-eminent source for buying your concert tickets for many years, and even with some digital competitors like Eventbrite and StubHub, their position is still solid.

Among those challengers, two have decided to ally with each other to go up against Ticketmaster.

Those companies are Songkick, a service that provides notifications about which concert events are in your neck of the woods, and CrowdSurge, who sell concert tickets for performers on their behalf.

Both companies enter this joint venture with some financial backing from Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures and Access Industries to the tune of $16 million.

From a logistics point of view, the merger makes all the sense in the world. Songkick’s service was seen by 10 million users per month, and more than three times that due to distribution deals with other companies.

The one feature it didn’t have was the ability to purchase these tickets; it would refer customers to Ticketmaster.

CrowdSurge’s ability to procure up to ten percent of the ticket inventory of a show helps greatly.

However, it remains to be seen how effective they can be in swaying more customers to their company when Ticketmaster and its parent company, LiveNation, can offer so much more.

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