Two Thirds of Developers Believe FaceBook will be disrupted by Mobile-First Startup

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Posted 5 years ago

Barely a day goes by without some kind of survey regarding a particular area of mobile. The latest data comes in a report by Appcelerator, a platform for mobile and desktop app development using Web technologies. In the survey of 5,526 Appcelerator Titanium developers, 66 per cent believed that it was “likely or very likely” that FaceBook’s social media dominance could be broken by a mobile-first social startup.

The results of the Appcelerator survey, first of all highlights just how quickly mobile technologies are developing and how more and more people are using them to get their social media on. A new mobile upstart posing a threat to FaceBook could also be the reason that Mark Zuckerberg has recently coughed up $1 billion to buy Instagram and made to move away from HTML5 and built native apps instead.

A recent story in the L.A. Times suggested that teenagers are falling out of love with FaceBook and instead are checking out new mobile apps. With young consumers growing up on smartphones and tablets, there is every chance that FaceBook could be challenged by a new social media startup. However, let’s look at things rationally for a second. FaceBook is edging ever closer to 1 billion users and a significant number of these users access their accounts via mobile. Mark Zuckerberg has also recently said that FaceBook plans to concentrate more on mobile in the future; new apps for both Android and iOS have already been developed and, according to TNW, updates will be released every 4-8 weeks.

Instagram may have well been a threat to FaceBook in social, but it is worth noting that the photo-sharing app has had its biggest growth spurt since it was acquired by the big blue social network.

Yes, it is possible for a startup to make an impact in mobile social media, but enough of an impact to topple FaceBook?

I’ll believe it when I see it.

– Anthony Carter

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